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Battlecry - New corp. lf none casual players

Metal_MMetal_M Member Posts: 44

Battlecry is newly made corp. and we are looking for non casual players. If you want to be part of the team and start new, this is your chance.

Battlecry is active in:




*Research and Development.

Requirements to Join:

*Teamplay Oriented.

*Does Not Smack Talk.

*At Least 18 Years Old.

*Is Supportive Of Corpmates.

*2+ mil. Skill Points minimum.

*Treats All People With Respect.

Recruitment Information:

*Convo Ancientlord in game.

*Interview on Vent or EVE voice.

*Join us in channel Battlecry public.

Games played: Owerall ower 500+
MMORPG's played: SWG, ALL GW, WOW, L2, EVE, etc...

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