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Idea for Darkfall

alakramalakram Member UncommonPosts: 2,294

Looking at the map of darkfall here:

I just got an idea. What If by the time Aventurine opens a second server we find that the second server has a diferent map, a new one.


  • egotripegotrip Member Posts: 875

    Nice idea, wrong forum . Game suggestions that way ---------------------->

    Right below Guilds.

    Iiii-iiiiiit's.... me!!! *Hooray*

  • ianubisiianubisi Member Posts: 4,201

    I have an idea: how about they update their web site?

  • prowprow Member Posts: 188

    wtf is that? ????

  • X-PorterX-Porter Member Posts: 229

    Idea for Darkfall #1:  Finish making the game.

    Idea for Darkfall #2:  Release game for sale properly.

    Idea for Darkfall #3:  Don't suck.

  • beaverzbeaverz Member Posts: 660

    They could also just release the game.

    I'm not a no life that sits in front of his computer all day long, I'm an intern that sits in front of his computer all day long.

  • MastaRyuMastaRyu Member Posts: 21

    The game is already released. I played it  last night and will play it for the weekend.  Mr. OP your idea is pretty cool, but you do know that the whole world of Agon was hand crafted right?  It wasn't generated by random computer computation.  So for them to create a whole new map for a different server, you might be talking years according to AV track record.

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