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Best Free Futuristic Tank Game

wulfram2009wulfram2009 Member Posts: 2

Anyone ever heard of Wulfram!? Any other fellow gamers whom haven't really should consider checking out  Wulfram II !!!!

(To properly link to the game servers after installation see the bottom of post)

They have recently moved to a new and better server; with new forums, and are accepting free game memberships  indefinately. Awesome community many willing to teach!!!!!

It's 100% free...the development and community is 12yrs and running and no annoying advertising. Better yet "unlike" most other multiplayer games it is unhackable/unmodable. So no worry bout ppl using aim bots or hit detection minimizers!

It is a really great "Futuristic" hovercraft tank game with a variety of huge, medium, and small sized maps. Terrain includes huge mountains and gulleys.

2 Tank classes with over 10 types of weapons of mass destruction to outfit your tanks with including various missle types, long range cannons, auto guns, repair beams, various types of mines, counter measers, and much more!

Once you get the hang of things you may find yourself controling your teams uplink where u can contact your teams mother ship which patrols high in the skys to drop various components to build your teams base and its defenses such as flak turrets, power sells, repair stations, fuel staions, long range missle silos, auto gun turrets, sky pumps, darklights, etc.

As well as use the uplink in conjunction with skypumps to move in your mother ship for a dreaded orbital bombardment to annihalate the opposition.

The tank duels and strategy is fast paced as sum ppl will need to build and defend your base or bases while other team mates will need to go out on patrol to hunt down the enemy and their bases in a co-ordinated effort!

Set-up ambushes and learn to "stay" below radar level or use your jump jets to climb what "seems" to be unpassable terrain to get the high ground and decimate your foe from long range with the almighty pulse canon!



on wulfram's main part of the home page simply look up to the top right of screen.

Next to the words "Quick launch" it shows 3 of their 8 servers.

Click regular.

Since you will be new you wont be able to play in most of the other servers til you "rank up" anyhow. But if you dont want to play in regular and would rather play in the training room then check the forums on wulfram mainsite for how to get the link to work.


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