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The Multinational Military Corporation Seeks RL Military Members

SequenceLostSequenceLost Member UncommonPosts: 202

The Multinational Military Coalition is seeking any and all current and prior military members from around the world. We are a laid back community comprised of service men and women from across the globe with the common goal of creating a well known and established military community within the Eve universe. We are a non-pvp oriented corporation and are attempting to establish a 100% neutrality policy. At present some of the features we offer our members are:

* L4 Mission Running

* Mining Operations

* Wormhole Exploration

* Community Hangers with access to ships, skills, fittings, and BPC's

* Active community with members online almost 24/7

* Both new and experienced pilots

* Free no waste refining of ore to members

* Ventrilo Server for voice communications

* A common respect for one another for the service you have provided to your country.

* An overall respect from other Eve pilots who know that if you are with us that you have served.

If you are interested in joining us, please feel free to contact Eizmund Drohner or Machtigen Hammer by evemail, or join our community channel: VFW Corp for a chance to speak with our current members and receieve more information.

* A special note to non-EVE military gamers *

If you currently do not play EVE Online but are active or prior military and interested in giving it a shot, please PM me with your job code (MOS, AFSC, NEC, etc) and I will send you a 21 day Trial key (as opposed to the 14 day key offered on their site) - please note that this offer is limited.


* A special note for CEO's of other corporations *

If you would like to help support the MMC in their quest to become 100% neutral please write Eizmund Drohner via evemail so we can establish a non-aggression pact. Any corporation that is willing to help us with this venture can request and receive non-wartime help from our members and will be greatly appreciated.




  • SequenceLostSequenceLost Member UncommonPosts: 202

    We're still recruiting and happy to accept any current or prior military members - if you dont yet play eve just shoot me a PM and ill send you a trial code good for 21 days (as opposed to the 14 you get from the web) to get you started. 

    If your already in the game contact me directly - character name: Eizmund Drohner


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