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Live Stream - Funny Stuff



  • LongsnoutLongsnout Member Posts: 116
    Originally posted by Bigdavo

    It's coming up with a video about some guys rig? O_o

    Yeah, mommy sent him to bed about 2 hours ago. Last thing was him killing some other player and looting tons of items. He then made his way back to a village, being all hyped on maybe getting attacked.

    His voice reminds me of the "screw you porn addicts"  guy on you tube.


    Nobody is useless, he/she can still be used as a bad example.

  • X-PorterX-Porter Member Posts: 229

    McLovin's back!

    He went afk while swimming down a river so he could get his pizza out of the microwave. A tower hosed him.

    Antics ensue.

  • WycliffeWycliffe Member Posts: 354

    Just saw like 5min, was just him running around in the middle of east bumblefuck without a shirt on while bitching about how he couldn't return to the starter area cause he was red.  Also, he was lost.

  • FlaringoFlaringo Member Posts: 83

    Very, very intriguing. When's he on again? 


  • jimsmith08jimsmith08 Member Posts: 1,039

    I think he'th coming back guy'th!

    there were a few of them on, chatting about what level they were in TCOS with a clint eastwood movie on in the stream!11

  • jimsmith08jimsmith08 Member Posts: 1,039

    theres just been some footage of loads of naked people of all races stood in some city ganking each other..what the hells going on or where it is I dont know. Hes very excited about it though!

    Kill thith guy! Kill em! Kill em! yeaahths got em! Decapitathion!

  • X-PorterX-Porter Member Posts: 229

    Oh, Gawd. His brother is playing now.

    "Kill him!"

    "Chop off his head!"

    "I kill Epic Wang all the time!" (No kidding. That was a guy's name)

    "My mastery of Gank has improved. Cool"

    "Aw, someone hit my Wang. Buttholes."

    I don't know which is worse, the game or the players. It's like a really bad wildlife documentary where you watch them in their natural habitat.

  • Einstein-DFEinstein-DF Member Posts: 752

    Heh i looked through his stuff...funny idiot.


    Dont confuse this guy with the population of DF, ingame there are hunreds of cutthroat guilds that meticulously plan and work twards various goals such as citybuilding and conquest, with plenty of espionage, politics and backstabbing going on, for various reasons. But no one is stupid, just trying to "win"  and ruthless perhaps


    this guy wont last 2 weeks ingame

  • DameonkDameonk Member UncommonPosts: 1,914
    Originally posted by X-Porter

    I don't know which is worse, the game or the players. It's like a really bad wildlife documentary where you watch them in their natural habitat.



    "There is as yet insufficient data for a meaningful answer."

  • jimsmith08jimsmith08 Member Posts: 1,039

    What the hell was that city? There were absolutely loads of them stood there naked killing each other over and over..some afk,some not. A variety of races.

  • Random_mageRandom_mage Member UncommonPosts: 1,093

    You can tell this guy is just a kid because.. who the hell puts a light in their computer anymore?  I mean, that box is pretty big, so he probably doesn't tote it to lan parties,  And if he's at all like me, which I take it he isn't, I never turn my computer off.. and that light would drive me crazy if I was trying to sleep..

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  • egotripegotrip Member Posts: 875

    He ith on and at it again

    Iiii-iiiiiit's.... me!!! *Hooray*

  • PersephassaPersephassa Member Posts: 223

    No offense to him but he should probably be spending less time playing video games and more time with a speech therapist..

  • egotripegotrip Member Posts: 875
    Originally posted by Persephassa

    No offense to him but he should probably be spending less time playing video games and more time with a speech therapist..

    Thath not very nithe of you

    Iiii-iiiiiit's.... me!!! *Hooray*

  • parrotpholkparrotpholk Member Posts: 3,275

    I take back anything I ever said about the DF community based on the fact that none of them have every seemed as dumb as this kid. His parents need to quit buying him toys and get him a new hobby. I am a former sailor and I cuss more than I should but who does it as much as this ADD freak of nature over nothing. In fairness he has provided endless laughter to coworkers and myself. He is right there with the stupidity of the leave britney alone kid.

  • rageagainstrageagainst Member Posts: 618
    Originally posted by mcquaided

    Originally posted by Respit

    LMAO, this is some funny stuff.

    This person is quite fond of using "sentence enhancers"(yeah, I know, that's not shocking) 

    oh god my eyes and ears bleed. is that the type of players that inhabit this game im so glad im far away god how retarded.


    not too far considering that you're visiting a Darkfall forum

    When I'm energetic I'm:

    When I'm at default I'm:


    Lol according to this I'm bipolar :O

  • X-PorterX-Porter Member Posts: 229

    WTF? I haven't seen McLovin on for days. Just his brother playing Combat Arms.

    Has he quit already?

  • PolarizationPolarization Member Posts: 1,410

     Nobody quits Darkfall, nobody. Capiche?


  • DarthRaidenDarthRaiden Member UncommonPosts: 4,333
    Originally posted by Polarization

     Nobody quits Darkfall, nobody. Capiche?


    Seems you didnt, eh ?

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  • csthaocsthao Member UncommonPosts: 1,114

    So is this guy an adult who bought all them junk, or did his parents buy it for him?

    I mean sure his stuff isabove average, but its not really neccessary, to have a rig like that, well at least not worth it in my wallet. I dont have any problems having an ok rig that can at least play all MMO's.

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