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Need a new ORPG like diablo 2

hash1hash1 Member Posts: 32

Hello every one while I wait for d3 come out im looking for a game similar to d2 I could give a try. Any suggestion?




  • marinridermarinrider Member UncommonPosts: 1,556



    *cough cough*

  • hash1hash1 Member Posts: 32
    Originally posted by marinrider

    *cough cough*


    said that just accidently added a o to lazy to fix

  • URNotMegaURNotMega Member CommonPosts: 115

    Titan Quest.  Or you could try out the median XL mod for diablo 2 - complete class/skills overhaul, new uberquests, new loot.

  • MithrandolirMithrandolir Member UncommonPosts: 1,701
    Originally posted by URNotMega

    Titan Quest. 


    ^ this!

  • hash1hash1 Member Posts: 32

    Ya that looks appealing im not really ready to drop any cash atm on a new game tho. So preferbly looking for something free.


    Thanks tho!

  • bmac6817bmac6817 Member Posts: 14

    For more modern D2 type game, I recommend Sacred2.  It has a similar style, original classes and very cool class specific mounts.

  • JavasircJavasirc Member Posts: 12

    I wouldnt put the 'O' in ORPG for Titan Quest. The multiplayer on it blows.

    Ive been searching for a D2 clone for a long long time, and the closest ive came so far was Dungeon Runners, which i didnt really like. Red Stone and Corum looked similar to Diablo 2 graphic wise, but i tried both and didnt like them. Not to mension i didnt come across a single player during my first 15 mins of playing them.

  • Sober_SeanSober_Sean Member CommonPosts: 170

    I was hyped on Mythos until that went poof.  In Beta for a little under a year in that game and played it every day.  When that went away I fell back on playing Eastern Sun mod for D2 while waiting for D3.  Hell of a mod for a hell of a game.  Starts off hard, then eases up a bit as you get gear and levels, then when you get into really have to start focusing on maximizing your character, which is a game in itself with huge amount of options to increase your power.


    Lots of new areas and revamped old areas, huge amount of new runewords/runes and insane amounts of new gear/sets to collect with new skills and synergies takes your old game of D2 and makes it into a new game.  There is a high level of polish and much thought went into balance, yet at the same time adding so much to the way that game works that if you don't want to buy a new game, give Eastern Sun a go. 

    Might take you a bit to wrap your mind around all the changes but once you get into the flow of that game it takes the addiction factor of D2, wraps in into an electic javelin and jams it into your skull on full voltage.  Never uninstalled D2 from my PC largely due to the fact that I'm still playing Eastern Sun, still trying new characters still hunting for items still working on perfecting my gear still looking for ore, the mod is sick with the amount of things to shoot for in terms of developing your chosen build.

     I tell peeps about it any time this topic comes up to try it and get back into the D2 addiction all over again.


    I've tried Meridian as well, but I went back to ES as it felt like the better mod.  There are fans of both of course, they're both well done.  I just prefer the ES way of handling "improving" the game without re-inventing so much of it as Meridian has done.  I prefer to keep a little of the old D2 flavor around personally.  Most of that revolves around the way the skills were handled, didn't find too much of Meridian's new skill lines to my liking, personal preference.

  • KhrymsonKhrymson Member UncommonPosts: 3,090
    Originally posted by URNotMega

    Or you could try out the median XL mod for diablo 2 - complete class/skills overhaul, new uberquests, new loot.


    Interesting...have been looking for a good reason to play D2 again.  This looks like great fun, only thing that kills me firing it up is the 800*600 resolution.  I've been using 1680*1050 for too long and dunno if I could handle that for long!

  • CujoSWAoACujoSWAoA Member UncommonPosts: 1,781

    Sacred 2.

  • KhrymsonKhrymson Member UncommonPosts: 3,090
    Originally posted by CujoSWAoA

    Sacred 2.


    Looks like a ton of fun...played the crap out of Sacred but I've gotten hooked on Achievements so I'm waiting on the XBox 360 release before I play it!

  • flyfeather00flyfeather00 Member Posts: 4

    if you like mmorp game, try shadow of legend, having familiar feel of Diablo2, bringing me so much good memory. doing quests, pvp, guilds cooperation and fighting are regular contents. give it a shot, hope will help u.

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