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Server and game history question

VillynVillyn Member Posts: 75

I played many years ago. The reasons i left are many but.... The farmers and hacks were rampid. Have they done any server resets and/or new servers? clean slate?


  • ZenosbleedZenosbleed Member Posts: 13

    Though not rampant they are still existant from what I've seen.

    No resets, but mass bannnings did happen. The Gracia update has made the game very accessable to new players/characters.

    Phoenix is where all the action is for US
    Teon for EU players.

  • RuckupRuckup Member Posts: 111

    I suggest Aria, we are known to be the lowest BOT server, so our pop isnt as high but I prefer that in L2 since those servers are full of Botters and cheaters. 


    RenoVegas of Aria

    Clan: Defenders of Aden


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