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Dream of Mirror Online: A Good Game?

I've remembered AeriaGames had this in their game list. What do you think? Tell me everything, the pros, the cons. I'm an 'everything goes' online gamer, but prefers MMORPGs more than any game genre. Graphics good? Is it a grind? Does it play on Windows XP? K, stuff like that you need to answer.

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  • bluewolf93bluewolf93 Member Posts: 4

    I would say that Domo is an 'alright' game. It's lots of fun for the first few weeks or so of playing, and its definately addictive. The graphics are generally really good, it's got very cartoonish cute graphics, so if you like bright happy and cute things, then you will love the graphics (i loved it) most, if not all the monsters even looked cute, you could even say the zombies were funny.

    The community is great, there are plenty of really really nice people, that will be sure to be willing to give you a helping hand, and while playing, i personally made alot of new good friends. It's generally a really fun online community.

    The big downside for me was that although it is really easy to lvl up to level 10 where you choose your job, after level 10 there seems to be a big leap, where you really need to grind to level up, after level 20, it just gets really boring cos its a total grind fest.

    The quests are alright, there are the usual quests where you get asked to kill a certain amount of monsters, they give you a fair bit of exp, depending on your level, and then there are the 'world mirror' quests that follow the storyline. The storyline in itself is quite interesting, and because the bosses in the quests are generally hard to defeat, it promotes questing in parties/groups, which is really great if you get a few friends together and all do the quests a few times over with different people as leader each time.

    The map is quite large, and it can be a pain to run from place to place, but once you get to lvl 15 and complete the 'FFK' quest, you can learn to fly, which speeds things up, but it still takes a while to get from city to city, unless you are willing to pay 1000g to get teleported.

    a great thing about it is that there is a diversity of jobs you can choose from, and you can have as many jobs as you like. As an example, my character's first job is a blademaster, so i have really strong attack, but low defence and evasiveness, but my second job is set as doctor, so i can heal myself during battles without having to sit down (unless i run out fo mp... which as a blademaster i do pretty often) i also have a third job as a musician, and with that i can heal my pet. pets are only attainable through the item shop so unless you buy one off players or obtain one through a promotion giveaway event (which i got mine from) then you will have to pay real money. but its fine to fight without pets, sometimes having a pet can be a pain because you need to share your exp with them (meaning MORE grinding) and if they die, it costs alot to revive them.

    you can only ever really have 3 different job skills active. I have trained as a thief as well, but i can't set any of my thief job skills as active unless i get rid of my doctor or muso skills.

    The game works fine on XP, my computer is XP and it works like a dream. but like always, it sort of relies on your internet, so if you have laggy internet, then it probably won't be that great because you will be running, and then a second later you will appear to be running 5 meters back from where you were before.

    basically, i stopped playing because it was too much of a grind, and the level cap is 60, so leveling is pretty hard, and the armors durability is really low, so i have to keep buying new armor because it will keep breaking off, you can buy dreamstone shards that repair your existing armor, but i think you can only obtain dreamstone shards through the item mall, and even when you repair it, it gets repaired with a lower duribility, so you can only repair it a few times, not to mention that buying armor is pretty expensive.

    all in all, its good for the commnity, and for a 'feel good' feeling. but not that great for a long term game that will keep you interested for more than a month. if you can stick to grinding, then you can get pretty far. but like i said, there is a fair bit of grinding, and although grinding with friends is pretty fun, there isn't that much diversity in the game, so no matter how you lvl, you will probably still be grinding, although with different monsters.

    but if your gonna play just to waste a but of time for a bit of mindless fun, then it is great for that. and out of most RPG's it is less dark gloomy and stressfull. give it a go. its definately worth the download, you will probably be obbsessed with it for the first few weeks.

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