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Yogg Saron and Algalon the Observer sound files (Spoiler alert!)

ObzerverObzerver Member Posts: 225

People on the PTRs have managed to datamine the sound files of (the yet to be implimented) main bosses in the upcomming content patch. Though you can make out quite a bit from the Yogg sound file, nothing can be said about the nature of the Algalon encounter. Either ways both sound pretty damn epic and are heavily lore realted so if you wanna experience it first hand dont click on the link or read ahead.

Yogg Saron :-

Old God and self proclaimed "God of Death". 

Encounter features "visions" from various points in the timeline of Azeroth that will have you reliving

  • The assassination of King Llane Wrynn by Garona
  • The forming of the Demon Soul by Neltharion (aka Deathwing)
  • The torture of an unknown soul (supposedly Bolvar Fordragon) by the Lich King himself


Algalon the Observer :-

           He has been referred to by Blizzard as "Algalon the Raid Destroyer"


          He is a hard mode only encounter that cannot be accessed until at least one member of your raid has completed the quest chain that starts from a drop from the Iron Council. To complete the quest and open the door to Algalon's room, one must acquire the sigils of all four Watchers (Hodir, Freya, Thorim, and Mimiron) by defeating them on their respective hard modes.




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