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We should be more objective

As i've just tried shadow of legend for several hours, i'd like to be here, claiming for more objective attitude toward this developing game.

Scanning through this general discussion, i found that a majority of ppl are concerning it's high rating. You yourselves don't favour the game, as a result, it only deserves a very low hype like 2 or 3, even a zero. A higher rating like 7 even dissatisfied you. Then, to release your discontentment, you worked on your keyboard and produced a long thread to lash out  this mmo. Why not being a little more objective and kind instead of so aggressive?

yup, alot of improvement is necessary to shadow of legend: bugs need to be fixed, suggestion should be taken into consideration and carried out. Who can tell an absolutely perfect mmo without any problems? Even the greatest WOW needs updating, i should say!

We are all mmorpg enthusiast, so we take serious about such a forum. But can we be more objective and kind to this developing mmo, as we treat our baby?


  • GruntyGrunty Member RarePosts: 8,230

    No, not when the developers kept creating new accounts and artificailly inflated the Hype rating by repeatedly giving it 10s. Their game deserves any trashing it gets when they are willing to stoop that low. Yes, we are being just as petty as they are.

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  • junglebeachjunglebeach Member Posts: 4

    i've played this mmorpg game for a while and agree with vitaminai's opinion. i do enjoy the game. huge world,extensive crafting large numnber quests and highly friendly environment and the pvp system is also made very funny in multiple ways. the price of the item mall is very resonable  and the things i bought i think is worthy of the money and if you work hard, you even dont need to spend real cash at all. maybe the mmorpg game isn't the best or the most popluar. but it bears its feature and advantage.

    some ppl doubt why this game is hyped so high. i think its because ppl who hyped are forgiving, different from those who are very critical. we play mmorpg for fun, if this game really does this point, i think its derserves support. for me, i'm getting fun in this game and made some good friends in it.

    so i totally favour vitaminai, pls be more objective to this game.

  • QueinaiQueinai Member Posts: 76

    Originally posted by junglebeach
    so i totally favour vitaminai, pls be more objective to this game.

    Stop creating multiple accounts and inflating the hype meter and I'll consider it.


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