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Blood Elf 2hand Special Animation bug?

ZakavarZakavar Member Posts: 48

Since I'm not getting a reply on the official forums due to high traffic. :P  Cross posted:


I admit that I am a bit of an animation junkie and strange animations can really bother me. For the most part I can ignore it, but the male blood elf special attack animation for 2 handers...something isnt right with it.

Currently you swing the blade counter clockwise and spin up into the air slightly before landing, which is great. Then, however, as the spin finishes the blade suddenly stops, and spins clockwise to meet the blood elf's left hand before coming back forward into it's default idle position. It took me a while to actually see what was wrong since the animation can happen so quickly, but it bothered me from the moment i saw it. I went scouring the web about it, wondering if it was bugged or something, I found this post:


So it sounds like it IS bugged, and I'm surprised no one has noticed it... When viewing the animation with this in mind I can see that the sword is supposed to switch hands like the post on war-eruope's forum says, but it just doesn't. It stays in the right hand.

Is it a bug for certain clients and not others or something? 'cause I cant imagine that no one but me and these two people finds that something ain't right. For me it's enough that I dont want to play blood elf males with a 2hander, and statistically that means SOMEONE else must feel the same way. :P

I downloaded my client off Blizzard's site, if that helps at all.


Is this happening to anyone else?  It's really bothering me because it obviously wasnt like tis current retarded version..

I dunno how I'd fix it if it's just downloaded clients but I'd at least like to know there is a fixable problem here.  If you can check on your own clients, that'd be awesome.  The quickest way, assuming you dont have a ret specced male blood elf paladin or a hunter with a 2hander, you can make a death knight and just complete the quest until you get your rune blade and fight a NPC.

Original post on the official forums here:


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