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LF guild

i'm a newbie in this forum and in the game, i wanna join a guild, anyone can add me or recommend me some good guilds so that i can as to join in the game. thank you


  • allookerallooker Member Posts: 5

    our guild is called "supreme"  on the Tserver, you can join it no matter which lvl you are. welcome your coming.

  • funkytownyfunkytowny Member Posts: 5

    Shadows & Myths Guild on Horea Server

    We are an active guild founded in January of 08 but we are a STABLE guild :)

    Our guild is for players who want to enjoy the game as part of a team where we are all helping each other to get the most out of this game. Our higher level players help the lower level players and in turn the lower level players sometimes help the higher level players just by sharing material (Mats), Skill books, Money Etc. For example we all save our extra skill books free to guild members and we sell the extras to have money for players who may need it. Our officers are supportive and helpful, and our members are considerate and decent.

    Anyone is free to join but there are some guild rules to joining and some for staying in such as:

    1) Be level 20 or higher to join.

    2) You will TRY YOUR BEST to help others in your guild with money, books, mats, quest help, etc. This does not mean you need to part with what you need just if you hear someone is in need and you can spare it, please do so. Also you will agree to come to your guild with questions before posting them to the forums or in game chat. if no other guild members are able to help than by all means ask someone in game but be courteous and intelligent with your questions, you now represent not only yourself but others. This means that before you run into an event you don't know about with our banner waving, consider asking someone how it works first.

    3) Play Actively meaning be online at least monthly and leveling your character or characters we only have 50 slots open and non playing characters will need to be deleted to make room for the hard chargers.

    4) Treat others as you would expect to be treated. This includes fellow guild mates and other guilds we are friendly or in alliance with. (This includes but is not limited to "The No Guild, Guild" and GM's of course! LOL

    5) You accept that you are always free to leave if you have a problem with the way we do things, with no hard feelings just a heads up to myself or any one of the other officers would be decent of you.

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