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Knives, flying, and whatever.

levsixlevsix Member UncommonPosts: 363

I've been playing off and on since June 2001, but I come back from time to time and sometimes things jump out at me I may have noticed previously but forgot about.


Is it just me or do the knives leave little to be desired? Last night, for play testing, I used a knife for a while. I was stabbing a guy for about 5 straight seconds and it didn't register a hit once. He was standing there, I stabbed away. It only registers when you hit perfectly at a certain depth. I wish the knives worked in a way that made a little more sense.Maybe I just suck?

Are they really this odd in their responsiveness or am I doing something wrong? There are times where a combat knife (or even a bayonet) could be very useful. For example, when someone runs around me in figure 8s at close range and I have a rifle it is often hard to nail them. I am good at flying, tanks, and other weapon types, but when it comes to close range fast action as a rifleman,  a responsive knife would be a nice addition.

Elsewhere, the game is fun. It still has flaws but when it's good it is really good.


I just started flying at the end of last year. I exclusively play Axis. I have had a very hard time finding people who are willing to work together . If you're not one of their buddies in their clique they literally ignore you or just make flippant remarks.  My squad has few pilots and they aren't on much. I try talking in the Luftwaffe channel to coordinate but I get stupid replies.

Me: "Hey guys, so what are we looking at as our objective?'

Reply: "I'm looking at my othe rmonitor at pr0n HEHEHE!"

Reply: "I ram sheep hehehe"

Inevitably, many of our attacks involve these cliques working together while the rest of the planes solo ant trail from the air base. As a result, we are far less effective. We get picked off one by one because only the same core cliques work together. 

Are there any Axis pilots out there who are willing to let someone fly with them who they have not known for 8 years?  Hey, maybe Allies have the same kind of issues. I wouldn't know because I never played them so I can't comment on that.

I'm definitely not trying to flame anyone. I'm new to the flying game in relation to my years with the ground game but I'd like to meet some new people so I can improve my experience. I have 3 buddies who have joysticks coming in this week and I have been teaching them to play. While a group of 4 is great, we'd like to fly with more experienced pilots and work together.



PS send me a PM here or send me a tell in-game at levsix


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  • TenBlueTenBlue Member Posts: 93

    Best bet for flying is to probably look for a luftwaffe squad and join them.  You can also look out for Bersi, Keldar, KJ, Schloss1 or any of the LW HC online and they should be able to hook you up with an organised flight.  The knives are a bit rubbish but can be fun if both players pull them, I ran into a bunker we were defending last night to find an allied and axis inf going at it with knives (I emptied my smg into him, of course :) ).  I only really use it if I have snuck up right behind someone and even then most times i'll just shoot them.

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