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Temp range for my HD4870?

SomeOldBlokeSomeOldBloke Member UncommonPosts: 2,167

I was wondering what the correct temp range was, it normally idles around 45C and gets up to 60C under load.  It was up at 74C yesterday but I noticed my CPU temps were high too so I cleaned out my filters and airflow has improved again, lowering temps..

Anyway, back to my original question, anyone know?




  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,296

    Thats pretty common.  Graphics cards typically get hot.  45~60c are the usual operating temps on graphics cards using stock coolers.  It can actually go up to 90c without damage.  Although it will also become damaged with continous operation above 60c. 

  • xKrNMBoYxxKrNMBoYx Member Posts: 165

    good..i only have a 3450 on my normal computer and it runs at 47 or 42 so i guess its safe

  • Darkor_hXcDarkor_hXc Member UncommonPosts: 209

    Download RivaTuner and set your video card fan to max speed. That should help with the temps.


  • TechleoTechleo Member Posts: 1,984

       Mine went up to 65c last night while playing a MMO at full details. Alarms went off and I let it cool off a bit. I run the system at 60 percent fan speed. At 100 im afaid the fan would burn out eventually. Not sure how easy it is to replace a gpu fan..

  • noquarternoquarter Member Posts: 1,170

    Tomshardware shows stock 4870 at 80C under load, most newer cards are all around 80-85C actually - probably better thermal sensing coupled with hotter running processors.

  • rage9000rage9000 Member Posts: 96

    in ccc you can set fan speed. also i recomend removing the crappy stock thermal paste and using mx-2. it reduced my temps by 10 degrees at idle/load.

  • RavZterzRavZterz Member UncommonPosts: 610

    I used to own the old sapphire modle 4870 and the stock cooler was horrible.  I had about the same temps as you did and if I turned the fan up to 40% on the ccc it would be way to loud for my taste.  The card can handle to 45-50 C idle fine but went you start playing games and it gets up there you can see soem problems. 

    Granted, I had a crap model that they don't even seem to stock anymore.  If you start to see problems while your playing then I recommend you get an aftermarket cooler and make sure it works for your specific model.  

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  • ianicusianicus Member UncommonPosts: 665

    while im not playing anything I idle at about 70 which is perfectly normal, I usualy use CCC to crank the fan to a steady 41% speed while playing and it keeps the temp round 80-85 in most games which again is like a walk in the park for these cards, high end graphic cards run HOT, and this new generation isnt any different.

    PS im running a 4870 X2 so it will run hotter than your 4870 either way.

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  • TechleoTechleo Member Posts: 1,984

      Well after some tweaking I have it running at a pleasant 67c at full load. Not bad all considering. Im using a Dark Knight model. So even though its factory overclocked, it seems to be running fairly cool. Loving this card! So weird logging onto games and simply not being able to make it lag hehe.

  • miagisanmiagisan Member Posts: 5,156

    my stock cooler on my 8800GT 512meg runs beautifully. I can run many many games on max. Idle is around 47C and the only game which really works the card is EVE on extreme settings...i run at about 67C. Most makes i run in the 50s on max.


  • scot835scot835 Member Posts: 50

     Also, download speed fan, speedfan.com excelent program for temp monitoring. also read my post called HEAT.

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