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US Air Force comes in 6 O'clock at Bingo Fuel..

zipitzipit Member Posts: 487



     I have a friend figthing in the Helmand province, Afghanistan. The Danish Battle Group is under british Command. The Helmand province is currently where Allied forces are taking the worst casualties and Denmark has suffered the worst procentual casualties of any Nato/Coalition country eventhough we're such a small country.


     Some time ago my buddy, his unit and the British units were pinned down and getting shot to pieces by the Taliban when pilots from US Air Force came in and provided air support, they were at Bingo fuel and barely made it back.


    That's dedication, that's the word of an ally. My buddy, according to himself, lives this day due to their actions. I've always been pretty anti-US(and will continue to be so if I feel the need), but this definately has softened my stance.


      This is not a statement thread or anything like's just gratitude, I guess.




  • SabiancymSabiancym Member UncommonPosts: 3,150

    I'm sure the same would've been done if roles were reversed.  That's what allies are for.  I'm extremely thankful that we have the allies that we do.  America wouldn't last a minute without it's friends.

  • baffbaff Member Posts: 9,457

    Best air support in the world.

  • FaxxerFaxxer Member Posts: 3,247

    That's how it should be. 

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