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My view on chaos

1ady1uck1ady1uck Member Posts: 1

Where do i start... well i played this game for like 2 months rather than going through the WHOLE thing i will just point out few reasons why this game was voted worse game of 2008 by another well known MMOSITE and please understand the things i point out here are what i saw by 1st hand...

1, the GM... WOW if you can call them that they are never online they can never be contacted when you need them and they refuse to help anyone i will come back to the GM abit after i explaned what i have reported and what was done about it i sent a wisper to one of the GM in question who told me to post a screenshot of the abuse i saw 1 player doing so i did then the post had moved to recycle bin... thats where they must put all there reports

2, the comunity.... 9/10 people are nice people they are willing to help people out ect ect ect... but the other 1/10 well where do i start if you are offended by rasists (personaly  find calling people a "knee grow" and telling someone with chinses name he needs to work on his "engrish") THESE EVEN SCREENSHOTS ON FORUMS OF THIS AND STILL NOTHING WAS DONE!!!  CO is not for you.. if you are offended by people insulting you for buying mall iteams and they openly abuse this with there "credit system"  CO is not for you.... if you take offence to people laughing about terroist acts chaos is not for you.. if you dont like being bullyied and people making 10 diffrent accounts and making up new names to take screenshot of you getting mad and reply in race chat YOU WILL HATE THIS GAME. i could go on about other things how much bug abuse has gone on and has been reported and the GM and nothing was ever done about this and still chose to do nothing. this has been my view on the game its upto you guys you chose to belive or not but 9/10 posts will be on there forums untill they see this post and will delete all posts expt the "wow this game is awesome" butt kissing posts the main GM even told someone that abuse of the mall is not agaisnt the rules so they wont ban the main offender who has stole 1000's of dollars worth while honest people pay for these iteams. thats why i dont play this game anymore and dont have any intention to play again.

thanks for taking your time to read this hopefully your time playing the game will be diffrent but i doubt  it very much

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