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Looking forward

I'm really looking forward to the release of the open source. I can see there's alot of dissappointed people here, particularly MOULFailure, so I guess you're people who were hooked on Myst years ago like me and were into the idea of an MMO, that then crashed and burned. I can see how crappy that would be. The only thing left now is to try and build something from what Cyan gives us. That might fail too. Who knows. But it sounds like fun being involved with building an MMO. I havent been a developer for many years but Im sure I can bring something to the game. I cant draw to save myself but maybe there are those who can. In fact I know of someone and I might ask her if she wants to be involved. And at the end of it all we may get our names carved on some rock in virtual space... Ya never know.

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