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EBN: CDF reveals plan for orb close-down

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EBN: CDF reveals plan for orb close-down permalink


This morning, CDF high commander, Major Jenny Carramone, revealed CDFs plan for closing down the orbs to the public. Using telemetry data from the orbs and some field trials, CDF have created a device for closing them down. However, initial attempts have been unsuccessful.

“There seems to be a control mechanism that counters our attempts of closing the orbs” said Major Carramone, adding that CDF believes that the two helmets described in the Duchev files and in Ms Nakajima’s testimony is that control mechanism.

“The mutants have made a critical error” Major Carramone said, “as both helmets are on this side of whatever gateway the orbs are. If the helmets are removed from mutant possession, CDF will again attempt to use their device to close the gateway.”

The plan consists of two elements: first, the mutants must not be allowed to slip back through the orbs with the helmets. Second, the helmets must be tracked down. The second task requires manpower that CDF do not have; CDF intel indicates that the helmets is carried by an adjutant or servant when not in use, which makes it hard to identify the holder. Intel also indicates that the helmets are held by two different mutant clans.

“I hope that Calypso’s colonists will help” Carramone concluded. “Retrieve the helmets, and we’ll take it from there. We expect stiff resistance from the mutants, so be prepared.”

For security reasons, Major Carramone did not answer any questions about the nature of the device.

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