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Continent of the 9th

QinshienQinshien Member Posts: 26

Continent of the 9th...


I just saw this recently... what are you thoughts?



Give me your thoughts.. looks sorta like that PS3 game... darn forgot the name...

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  • gothagotha Member UncommonPosts: 1,074

    i just finished playing it in a Korean PC bar for 2 hours.  I could have a lot wrong since i do not speak korean so was kind of lost.


    The combat is pretty much what you see.  It has a lot of combos and is real time.


    3 classes,  priest,  archer and warrior.


    Character creation is decent but has some flaws.   Sexes are lock with classes.  Priest is female other 2 are male.


    As far as I can tell the entire game is all instanced.   Not talking about 100 person AoC type instances,  more like 4 or 5 people instances.  And thats only if you have a small group.  There are social city areas with vendors and trainers that are pretty but kind of small.


    On top of that the game has a lot of grind.  The NPCs are faced were insanely easy and the itemization was not that stellar.


    Graphically the game is extremely pretty and runs well.


    If they overhaul this game a lot for western markets i could see it doing very well.  But right now it is only an interesting game with a decent combat system,  overly instanced and up to its neck in stereotypical korean grind.

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