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It is true this game DOES have the worst customer service.



I've been playing this game for a year, and I can't believe I was so stupid to pay so much money or even play this game for so long. Simply because the GM's try and squeeze all the money out of you and when they're done they ban you. About 20+ people are getting their gears and in some cases weapons taken because they are "hacked" when there is no proof of this, and even if there was there should be compensation to the people who paid gold for them.

I pmed a GM in game when my gears were taken. Here is the conversation.

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: its not surprise to

see u there

Tell GM-Yuchang1: Rofl

Tell GM-Yuchang1: At least compensate


Tell GM-Yuchang1: I told you I had the


GM-Yuchang1 tells you: sorry way

Tell GM-Yuchang1: Lol wow after all the

gold I spent too

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: stop lieing ...ok....

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: lying*

Tell GM-Yuchang1: Why dont you look at

how much gold I spent on pay pal

Tell GM-Yuchang1: and you should know

better than to speak to customers like that

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: u should know how

to be a good customer then

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: for good customer

,we will give them our best service...

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: but ..for some bad

guys close to hacers and show up hacker

gears of the whole server

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: for this ppl..we will

let them know what do theydeserver to

Tell GM-Yuchang1: I don't know any

hackers rofl

Tell GM-Yuchang1: I just bought some gear

Tell GM-Yuchang1: You're obviously an


Tell GM-Yuchang1: If you can find no trace

of hacking on my account

Tell GM-Yuchang1: Compensate me for my


GM-Yuchang1 tells you: don`t protent like

this ..ok...

Tell GM-Yuchang1: protent? Thats not even

a word

Tell GM-Yuchang1: Give me some


Tell GM-Yuchang1: Oh wait, you can't

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: pretend*

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: even i give u the

proofs,u also don`t know how to read them

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: lol....cause u know


Tell GM-Yuchang1: Rofl, you're just one of

the grunt GM's that theypay peanuts to sit

on customer service

Tell GM-Yuchang1: you know nothing about

hacking or the game

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: u only know close

to the hacker and spread outthose gears is

such a happiest thing .

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: or really?

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: i know everything


Tell GM-Yuchang1: Who's the hacker then?

Tell GM-Yuchang1: and how am I close to


GM-Yuchang1 tells you: lol........

Tell GM-Yuchang1: Unless we share IP i

dont see how we can be close

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: why do u think i

will tell u then

Tell GM-Yuchang1: Give me prooof...

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: because nobody

care about it in the past

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: but things all

different now

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: u guys just make

our boss angry...........

Tell GM-Yuchang1: Things different?

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: so........

Tell GM-Yuchang1: I haven't done anything

Tell GM-Yuchang1: your boss is a WoW

gold farmer

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: u guys have..........

Tell GM-Yuchang1: who's exploiting the

gold for money

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: SakuraSakura tells

you: your boss is a WoW gold farmer

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: i will SS this


Tell GM-Yuchang1: So?

Tell GM-Yuchang1: Everyone knows

Tell GM-Yuchang1: lol

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: great...i love ur


but instead you take my gear?

Tell GM-Yuchang1: You don't have the

attitude of a GM

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: who is going to ruin

this server who is not

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: we alreayd know it

Tell GM-Yuchang1: You obviously dont

know because you're takinggear away from

the people who are protecting it-.-

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: the old GM is so

good for player,they r too beneficent

Tell GM-Yuchang1: I dont care about the old


Tell GM-Yuchang1: You're the GMs right


Tell GM-Yuchang1: If you dont act fast

everyone will just leave the game

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: -.- who protecting

it....don`t make me tooth drop

Tell GM-Yuchang1: tooth drop?

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: laugh till tooth


Tell GM-Yuchang1: ?

Tell GM-Yuchang1: I don't get you guys

Tell GM-Yuchang1: You take MY gear and

then treat me as if I'm a hacker

Tell GM-Yuchang1: when I havent hacked


Tell GM-Yuchang1: Nor do I know any


GM-Yuchang1 tells you: tell ur


and others...........if u guys want to be a

good player..coool.GM are very glad to see

it.but if u guys try to make some trap


GM-Yuchang1 tells you: Did i say u r

hacker or something?

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: there is only one

person who can hacker this server

Tell GM-Yuchang1: No.

Tell GM-Yuchang1: There are many hackers

Tell GM-Yuchang1: lol

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: lol

Tell GM-Yuchang1: But you dont see it

because you're too busy getting the wrong


GM-Yuchang1 tells you: nope

Tell GM-Yuchang1: and if i'm not a hacker

then why are you taking my gears

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: u can`t confuse


Tell GM-Yuchang1: And if there's only one


Tell GM-Yuchang1: how comes

Tell GM-Yuchang1: you took gear with the

name of Silmargl, FairX,SephX and dyntai?

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: cause thing is


Tell GM-Yuchang1: arren't they all different


Tell GM-Yuchang1: Maybe you should

check their IP's >.>

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: wow do u

know those players

Tell GM-Yuchang1: It's on the FORUM

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: oh?really.....

Tell GM-Yuchang1: It says in gear with

those names on will be confiscated

Tell GM-Yuchang1: you want the link?

Tell GM-Yuchang1: And you said you know


GM-Yuchang1 tells you: so u know Silmargl

can make those hacker gears ?

Tell GM-Yuchang1: I don't know anything

about the guy

Tell GM-Yuchang1: YOU put it on the forum

Tell GM-Yuchang1: You tell me

Tell GM-Yuchang1: You said there's 1


Tell GM-Yuchang1: but you taking gears

with so many names on

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: so even we put the

name on the forum,why u not turn u self in

...seems u alreayd read this news

Tell GM-Yuchang1: I told you

23483748374837487384368 times I had the


GM-Yuchang1 tells you: why u don`t report

urself then

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: so?

Tell GM-Yuchang1: It's been sitting on my

account for ages

Tell GM-Yuchang1: I even emailed you

Tell GM-Yuchang1: saying I had the gear

Tell GM-Yuchang1: rofl

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: oh?Really?

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: we didn`t get ur


GM-Yuchang1 tells you: thing

Tell GM-Yuchang1: You emailed back

Tell GM-Yuchang1: lol

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: so u admit those

gears r hacker gears

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: and why do u show

up on the pawnshop then

Tell GM-Yuchang1: Because if you're going

to take them you should pay for them

Tell GM-Yuchang1: At least give me taels 

and skies rofl

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: that is everything

lead us to believe ur guys.....just a few

players,but u guys against with us

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: lol....

GM-Yuchang1 tells you:


GM-Yuchang1 tells you: watch this link


Tell GM-Yuchang1: Ive seen that link a

million times

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: don`t forget the

text in red

Tell GM-Yuchang1: I reported my gear

Tell GM-Yuchang1: I emailed you

Tell GM-Yuchang1: I spoke in live chat

Tell GM-Yuchang1: I pmed you

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: what is my email

address then

Tell GM-Yuchang1: >.>

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: do u have any

proofs then

Tell GM-Yuchang1: One sec let me get it

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: lol.....wanna to PS

a chatting log again

Tell GM-Yuchang1:

Tell GM-Yuchang1: There's your email

adress Harry.

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: its not me....

Tell GM-Yuchang1: Well you emailed me on


GM-Yuchang1 tells you: and hes not at the

office now

Tell GM-Yuchang1: From: GM-Yunchang


GM-Yuchang1 tells you: i don`t know wther

u send to him or not

Tell GM-Yuchang1: Well I reported to him

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: im yuchang1 ..

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: there is onething i

can confirm now

Tell GM-Yuchang1: I just can't believe I

played this game for so long

Tell GM-Yuchang1: After everyone telling

me the GM system was crap

Tell GM-Yuchang1: I always defended the


GM-Yuchang1 tells you: u guys don`t have

much hacker gears anymore....otherwise u

and ur friend won`t complaint to me like this

Tell GM-Yuchang1: ?

Tell GM-Yuchang1: I only have 1 set of gear

bought with gold

Tell GM-Yuchang1: lol

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: nothing........

Tell GM-Yuchang1: And you took it

Tell GM-Yuchang1: So why should I keep


Tell GM-Yuchang1: When I have no gear?

Tell GM-Yuchang1: and the GM's speak to

me so rudely

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: that is ur

business....not my

Tell GM-Yuchang1: It's your business when

you speak to me so rudely

Tell GM-Yuchang1: Yet expect us to pay


GM-Yuchang1 tells you: no...u glad to pay


Tell GM-Yuchang1: Glad to pay you?

Tell GM-Yuchang1: I was paying for gears

Tell GM-Yuchang1: which you took

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: i only spend my

time for some one who real needs help

Tell GM-Yuchang1: Look

Tell GM-Yuchang1: I bought those items in

good faith out of your game

Tell GM-Yuchang1: Give me back what I

paid for them

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: never ever~~~~

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: little pity girl~

Tell GM-Yuchang1: Well in that case I can

always take legal action

GM-Yuchang1 tells you: as ur pleasure

Well there you have it, according to him we're "Happy to pay him".

Everyone always warned me that the GM's were terrible, and that the game was going downhill but I refused to believe it. I've played a lot of games and the GM's always treated people with respect, but here the GM's onlyy  care about themselves, they randomly ban people, give items to players for no reason and can't even speak plain English. So how is the game supposed to survive?





  • WOKFWorstWOKFWorst Member Posts: 8

     Really now eli?  Have you stooped to the point where you will say anything to kiss the GMs asses in this game?  I think these pics will speak for themselves.  



    For those of you who don't know, these orange weapons are very, very rare.  for him to have this many to make money clearly shows our beloved elijahcaii is hacking.


    Just WOW!   lots of nice stuff.



    OK these items called instant warehouses are not even out yet.  The ONLY way to get these is from a GM, which they are not supposed to do.  



    Clearly, these items are given to him by a GM because they are item mall only items and would be worth a couple thousand IRL $.


    Again, here we have our little "innocent" buddy elijahcaii admitting where he gets this stuff.  yuchang who is referenced here is yuchang1, a GM in this game.  I think we can all see why elijahcaii  comes here to defend this corrupt GM from the most corrupt game ever.  DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY HERE.









  • WOKFWorstWOKFWorst Member Posts: 8

    if anyone knows how to post pics here properly let me know.

  • wokfwokf Member Posts: 1

    heres one of the images with showing eli sending joxer a item that is not available in item mall yet

  • WOKFWorstWOKFWorst Member Posts: 8

     Nope... these pics were taken a while back.   Looks like someone has some 'splainin to do.


    You got caught and now want your big conspiracy. 



  • WOKFWorstWOKFWorst Member Posts: 8

     Gosh you're fighting this awfully hard.  I wonder what you have to hide?



  • BedroomEyesBedroomEyes Member Posts: 5

    .. and Lady's and Gentleman that is why i never bother to download that mediocre game.  Starting with the poor customer service as you all can see on the first post to the poor attitude of the players as they have displayed here.


    Glad i made the smart decision to not waste my money or time on that  cartoonish game.


    Happy Gaming everyone


    BedroomEyes  (aka DeathAngel)

  • WOKFWorstWOKFWorst Member Posts: 8

     it beats me how this game has such a high hype rating.  The only thing I can think of is that the owner of this game, who is a password and gold farmer in WoW also farms for hype LOL.


    Which brings me to another point of this game.  The owner of this game is a known farmer for WoW gold and WoW passwords.  So guess what?  If you play WoW and use similar names and passwords, they can farm them from you.  That and the fact that the GMs frequently ask players for their names and passwords to this game when asked for even the most basic help, really scares me.


    Clearly since they had over $19,000 in chargebacks last month on their item mall, something is very wrong.  My real life girlfriend plays this and has had more than one unauthorized charge show up after paying them via credit card for item mall stuff.   3 charges in a month of $150 each in fact.  


    Couple all this with the tremendous amount of hacking that goes on in this game and by playing this game, you are really putting your computer and credit security at risk.  There is a player in the game who is a known Identity thief and has admitted his use of stolen credit information to charge over $9000 in one month!  


    If that's not bad enough, some of the GMs they are hiring now are hackers, so they can access your info via your IP address.  


    After playing this game almost a year now, I find it to be vry scary indeed.  Oh, did I mention that they have at least one KNOWN PEDOPHILE, who was stupid enough to sex talk a 13 year old who SSed it and turned it into management who did absolutely nothing.  


    If anyone out there is interested in hearing more, I would be gald to post more.



  • fusionx212fusionx212 Member Posts: 137

    simple boycot...will suffice. I can tell you ITEM MALL MEANS BAD NEWS. as for the rest.. it's all hear say done by you.. if you're foolish enough to trust them with your credit card and know of all the issues why on earth is your girlfreind making purchases upto a month ago..

    Im not saying it's your fault you got ripped off but if it's so rotten and has been happening for a while.. why didnt you quite sooner?



    It's all Lies...

  • BedroomEyesBedroomEyes Member Posts: 5

    i Agree with you  fusionx212.   No one in their right mind should trust that game and their agents they seam to be a scam.

    since they originated as gold farmers and power leveling,  should be a red flag to everyone.

  • WOKFWorstWOKFWorst Member Posts: 8

     I think this post in WOKF offcial forums says it all.  Too bad it was taken down by the corrupt management 3 times in an hour.


    "You are right on so many things in here. However, the problem is actually much worse than that. The structural problems in this game go much, much deeper. For one, the gear wins. If you have better gear you win. It’s always been that way.

    Second, there is no end game. There is no goal for this game. It’s all about level level level so you can PK.

    Third, the GMs buying overpriced gold from the cat shops has been tried over and over. All it does is encourages hackers to hack more gold. That hack is so simple. The theory is that by doing this they will price gold so high people HAVE to buy it off the item mall. It didn’t work when I tried it with Luxun and it has not worked since.

    Fourth, this company is dying. The lead investor has kept this company alive. Do the math.

    Staffing costs are about $1,000-1,500 per GM per month. We have how many GMs? Let’s say conservatively 12. There is roughly $14,000 in staffing costs per month. Next you have server costs which total about $8,000 per month. Then you have development and programming costs which is at the most conservative level, $400,000. Amortize that out for 36 months and you come up with a figure of $11,000. Now you have office space let’s say here you are on for $1,800 a month (CHEAP). Computers on a good lease would be roughly $2,300 a month. Lights, cooling and heat (Shanghai is similar to the US in climate) at say $400 a month. I know for a fact that Aga (the head of VG) likes his parties, so you can drop in another $300 a month for those.

    Factor in Advertising (of which $150,000 was budgeted but Aga and Heli bought the rights to 3 more games a year ago. To which Heli was fired by the AMERICAN producer who has since quit and Heli has been hired back) which still accounts for about $1,000 a month (versus the MINIMUM $7-10k it takes to actually promote. So your breakeven for this game is about $38,500 a month in item mall sales. I know that until August of 2008, the BEST months were the early months where they were making a high of $32,000 per month in item mall sales.

    That peaked last April and has since slid with some minor up turns here and there when useful patches have been released. This number does NOT include the percentage the investor gets per month NOR does it factor in the split that VG gives to Tengren of the Item Mall sales. Nor does it factor in Aga’s salary which is roughly $20,000RMB ( $2,500US). So even on the BEST month, you have a cash burn of $6,500 to $10,000. This game has had the item mall since January 2008, so 13 months. Therefore you can deduce that it has lost $84,500 to $130,000 roughly. For a well financed investor, this isn’t much at all to absorb, so the game can be kept of life support.

    In addition to this, the larger item mall purchasers have left the game and haven’t spent anything in months. Myself, My IRL wife and niece, Donkipuncher, Jube, etc. spent a TON on item mall. 5% of us bought easily 30% of the item mall gold. NO one is stupid enough to spend that anymore. So you can figure new people coming in and making up 10% of that, but just from those few of us, you can be assured of a 20% drop in item mall.

    Also, as of August there were months where item mall charge backs equaled upwards of $9,000!!!! Ursella, a large item mall buyer early on was flagged for hacking and botting by me and Luxun. She was banned and charged back $7,500 in gold. Charge backs in this game are usually between 10 and 13%. These charge backs came from unhappy customers. But conservatively let’s say there are only about $3,000 a month in charge backs. Take those plus the 20% of losing the big dollar players and you are down between $6,000 and 9,000 a month.

    Fifth, this game has a long history of the updates screwing up more than they fixed. At one point for MONTHS the refining formula had been implemented by the GMs BACKWARDS! The formula was supposed to be that you gained an additional .02% or some such number for each 1 crafting rep. The baseline I believe was 27% success rate (prior to charms). So at 200k rep, you had roughly a 67% rate of success. Well, I was the first one to hit 200k rep and my rate was DOWN. That’s when I asked one of the producers what was up and he informed me that the developers/GMs put the formula in backwards and you would LOSE the % for each crafting level…lol That’s just one example of many. Another was the fact that they released refining without releasing the safety charms. What did this do? It encouraged people to hack and use other exploits because the refine rate was so low.

    Sixth, at the risk of sounding racist, when this game started, we had a good team of Producers…there were 3 Americans on it and VG even had an office in CA. The GMs they hired spoke great English and had excellent customer service skills. We also had a great team of 15 American and European GSs to help in the game. Over time, the American producers quit because Aga wanted to maintain more and more micromanagement and control over the game. For the record his “experience” in the gaming industry to this point had been to run a WOW gold farming and power leveling business…erm “business”. The American producers, however, had a combined 34 years of experience in online gaming and online business development. As these producers left, Aga took more control over the game play and it became 100000% about how much money he could suck out of the players. Yes, you need money to survive in business, but there comes a point where your greed for the money ruins your business and prevents you from effective planning. That’s what happened here.

    Seventh, and you all will LOVE this one. My wife’s niece had her accounts frozen because I charged back some item mall gold when they didn’t release the item mall items they promised. (she used my card with my permission). HELI, the account manager told her he would reinstate the account if I allowed the gold charges to be processed…ok fine. After those charges were re-authorized, approved and sent to VG, Heli emailed her and told her that HE needed her to wire him $150 US to reinstate her account. This was to be wired to his personal bank account with Bank of America. I wonder if anyone else had similar issues with this idiot.

    Eighth, well I will let this internal memo explain what the producer thought were the major problems facing the game as of June 2008: “The game World of Kung Fu is broken. The players are full of hatred for each other, for the game and for the company. This will, if it hasn’t already, cause a marked drop in item mall sales. I will first identify the challenges we face and then offer solutions to each and every challenge.

    1)The in-game GMs are not educated in the community, game play or how to manage the players.

    2)There is a serious problem with hackers and cheaters. These range from amateurs to very professional hackers who could destroy the game. These hacks and cheats include:

    a.Farming reputation for school, for self to get rare materials, etc.

    b.Making it so other players in game skills don’t work: healing while stunned, speed hacking, etc.

    c.Making success rates on fortune boxes and Chaos boxes 100%

    d.Being able to make gold, items or item mall

    e.Making the forging and refining system 100% successful.

    3)There is a lack of leadership and accountability within the management. Too often if there is a problem which doesn’t get resolved, the player does not know who to go to in order to get it solved. If the In Game GMs are not helpful, they don’t know where to go.

    4)People are leaving the game. We have 1,000 new players a week coming but not many staying.

    5)The item mall is out of balance. Some items which give players a very distinct advantage are very expensive or quickly sold out. This gives the players who are lucky enough to get one of these items a strong disadvantage over others, which is often used to bully other players.

    6)The economy is very messed up. Too much taels are in the game and prices are way too high for the most basic materials. This will lead to newer players who simply cannot afford this to quit very quickly.

    7)Hatred in the game. It is a PVP game , yes, but many abuse this and harass, extort or threaten players.

    8)Forums – This was once a place where players could come in and get useful in game information. Now it’s a breeding ground for hate and flaming.

    9)Multiple accounts- It’s too easy for players to make multiple accounts and farm things that SHOULD be the mainstay of the item mall such as pigs, teleport stones, Earth Temples, Lions, etc.“

    For the record, the producer who wrote this memo quit shortly thereafter when Aga informed him that he (Aga) did not even bother to read the memo because it would, “…upset the balance and harmony of the game.”

    Ninth and hopefully final, Because of the cash crunch of lower item mall revenues, it’s clear that the new GMs are paid considerably less than the past GMs. It’s a classic case of you get what you pay for. This has led these GMs to do things that would normally get them fired (giving out item mall stuff, etc.). Rumor has it that some of these GMs even farm gold to make extra money LOL, but I have no proof thereof.

    Lots of info here. I hope people actually take the time to read it and understand how this has led to a total collapse of what could have been a great game. You will get proof that this is true based on how quickly they remove this post.

    and now yet more info from a memo within the company.  I think this one is very interesting.

    "Some of the ads on websites have extremely high click rates, many which are above industry average, which shows that the ads are appealing to our customer base and effective. Many of these clicks translate into created accounts, which have been averaging about 1000 per day for more than a month. "

    "Using simple math, 1000 new users per day should translate in to having a peak concurrent user base in the thousands.

    We should have been forced to open at least 5 servers by this point, but even with 1000 new players every day, our concurrent users has not increased. This has been the focal point of my research. Why, if over the past month, we have gained 30,000 new accounts, has our peak concurrent users not gone up?"

    "The game does not have a plot, a storyline, a back story, no major points of conflict, and honestly, no reason to actually play the game."


    " There is really nothing to accomplish in WoKF, other than leveling up to the top for no apparent reason."

    "The quests are pointless, centered upon selfish needs of the NPC, and do nothing to add to the story line. In fact, a majority of the players dislike the quest content for this very reason. "

    "...the game becomes extremely boring before they reach level 20, and that is the target level range where US players will be more likely to spend money in the Item Mall."


    " Players leave the game shortly after starting it, because there is no “what happens next?” factor. You enter the game, do irrelevant quests to simply level up, but there is no set goal or reason to do so."


    " A majority of the players now in the game focus on leveling up so they can wreck havoc and kill lower level players, which also detracts from the playability of the game."


    "The majority of American players DO NOT like the fact that a character 40 levels higher than you can repeatedly kill your character and all you can do is lose the equipment you worked to gain."

    "Given Tengren/Tengwu’s reluctance to actually do anything to assist us, their lack of professionalism and downright rude attitude to take any responsibility for their mistakes or ANYTHING..."


    "My recommendation would be to ride this out for as long as we can, but shift focus to another game that will be appealing to our target audiences. Without MAJOR support from Tengren to address these issues, which, in the past, they have been reluctant and downright refused to do, WoKF is doomed and is going nowhere in the US market… Fast. The place where we are at right now is as good as it’s going to get,..."


    "...or better yet, abandon this game and put our focus on another project?"


    Shocking, but not surprising.  The author of this document was fired for his views.  WOW fired from a $1500 a month job.  Yes, $1500 a month is what they paid their higher level people.  GMs make less...proving that you get what you pay for.






  • MccabeMccabe Member Posts: 2

    ok i have no clue who, or what this argument is about, but i must say that whoever put the pics up about this guy is making them on a private server(i know because i play on it and it has a bug with the exp bar being screwed up) to try and frame this guy.

    i just think that its kinda sad that someone is doing this.

  • WOKFWorstWOKFWorst Member Posts: 8

     yeh as sad as you still crying and whining almost a year later about being banned for hacking, harassing and greifing people.  Spare us McFag.  No one likes you or wants you in official or any private server.



  • BedroomEyesBedroomEyes Member Posts: 5
    Originally posted by Mccabe

    ok i have no clue who, or what this argument is about, but i must say that whoever put the pics up about this guy is making them on a private server(i know because i play on it and it has a bug with the exp bar being screwed up) to try and frame this guy.
    i just think that its kinda sad that someone is doing this.


    is this mccabe from  age of conan?


    what you mean u have no clue what the argument is about are u illiterete?  I dont play the game and i know the argument its very simple READ?!!!!

  • MccabeMccabe Member Posts: 2

    lol i was unbanned so...


    and bedroom

    no, and i was talking about the person who posted the fake pics.

  • Skinny1027Skinny1027 Member Posts: 4


    This guy suspected he had hacked gears...

    He properly and dutifully reported it to the GMs in good faith...

    And as reward for helping the game in this way, was banned.


    I still play this game. I like the game engine and mechanics of it, but I hate the GMs and the other players. I keep to myself. I play quietly. I don't speak to others. I buy just enough gold to support myself having fun, and that is it. I solo all bosses, I craft my own gear, and I avoid the PK areas.


    The GMs suck. If you ever have a question about the game, great, they are there within five minutes to give some simple, half understandable explanation.

    But if you ever have a problem with anything else they "are unabled to assist" due to "technical limitation".


    The game is "free to play", however, it's "pay exhorbitant weekly fees for a semblance of fun".

    The only GM ever who spoke even a sentence of understandable English was Jeffo - and he was removed ONLY because he spoke good enough English to bring to public attention the corruption of the GMs.

    Hell, the GMs were "all once hardcore gamers themselves" (*cough WoW goldfarmers*), so of course if you give them this power what are they gonna do... farm their own game!

  • kamotehquekamotehque Member Posts: 19

    It has been a topic in the forums of the game also. I haven't tried to write on their CS but like other's said their worst! >.<

  • JimmacJimmac Member UncommonPosts: 1,667

    Another day and a half and it would have been a perfect 2 year necro, way to miss that awesome opportunity. 

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