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Habbo? Play it, then review it!

ShammarisShammaris Member Posts: 20

Okay, some people say Habbo is not an MMORPG, when infact it is, just an international one, it's exactly like Adventure Quest/Runescape etc.

The only thing is, it's targeted at Teenagers, it's where Teenagers go and play, and do what they want.


For instance.

Create-a-room. (Buy furniture with Mobile credit or earn in-game)

Join a Job. (Players host jobs, which you get payed, in-game)

Go to a public room. (Go to rooms made by the creators.)

Even join a Roleplaying room! (Get in character, and join the RPG


Yes, it is a little bit of a chat room, but it is so much more, it's a good game for kids to play.

The population of the game is around  the population 100,000,000 million created Avatars!

Australia - 7,000,000 +

The United States - 50,000,000 +

Finland - 20,000,000 +

United Kingdom - 30,000,000

Believe it or not, that many people play it.

It is pretty fun, get to change your clothes whenever you want, make friends, even hit the virtual bar.

So, don't bash it, if you didn't play it. It may not be a game for you, but the young ones, I guarantee will love it.


Some words from Wikipedia. Regarding the Roleplaying on Habbo!

The first groups of roleplayers were "Armys," consisting of Habbos wearing army uniforms. They would parade through various hotel rooms acting as officers of the army, though exerting no true power over other Habbos. There was also a Grand Theft Auto RP in the beginning years of Habbo. The first official RP's (RolePlays) were the Mafia Roleplays, based off of movies and shows like The Godfather and The Sopranos.[citation needed]

The first RP's had very relaxed rules; simple things such as requiring a user to state his or her IC (In Character) name in the "motto." Stating what guns and items carried by one's Habbo was optional, though many did this. Another major unenforced rule in the early years of Habbo was the "Three Word Rule." This required the RPer to type in a minimum of three words into the "Bubble" (text bar) enclosed in asterisks, before hitting enter.


*Takes out Gun*

*Aims to Head*

*Fires It Off*.

The Second Stage of Rp was started in 2006.[citation needed] This generation of RPers strove to look Sophisticated, and so the rules were enforced more heavily. The RPer had to list exactly what weapons they had in their motto, along with any important physical characteristics. The Three Word Rule was also enforced, so many RPers were typing five to eight words per line. It is estimated that 60% of Habbos were RPers at this time.[citation needed] This was before an RP floor was even made. Habbo RPers began making more detailed rooms, charmed with the latest expensive furni.



  • DanielmsmithDanielmsmith Member Posts: 12

    *Claps* Awesome summary of the game. It is exactly as you said it.

  • DynastiesDynasties Member Posts: 9

    I think habbo is ok and i can understand how you call it an MMORPG, but if someone asked me what it was my first reaction probobly would be, Chatroom. It's a decent enough game though.

  • RenhakaRenhaka Member Posts: 2

    It isn't an MMORPG.

    In the 2 you listed (Runescape / AdventureQuest)

    You gain levels twords becoming the ultimate!

    I see this with all MMORPGs With the Exception of Real Life

    Now, you say that it is an RPG because people have roleplaying in it!

    So does all those HTML chat rooms. They roleplay, does that make them MMORPGs?

    So I Disagree with this thread.

    It isn't an MMORPG.

    It's a big huge Avatar-Flash-based chatroom.


  • TweFojuTweFoju Member UncommonPosts: 1,186

    You know what, Habbo is actually good for Mobile Social Chat when you're out and bored as hell, Habbo can be pretty fun in that situation


    but i wouldn't be bothered to even play Habbo on my PC, i just tried it 2 minutes ago, and i lasted 1 minute and 20 seconds before i log off

    So What Now?

  • ChirugaiChirugai Member UncommonPosts: 304

    Please don't necromance threads. 

    Fortune favours the bold.

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