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The MMO Wish List

Lets say I was doing research for a mmorpg in development.

What do you as individuals want from your MMORPG experience?


  • GruntyGrunty Member EpicPosts: 8,657

    Fun.  It's that difficult.

    "I used to think the worst thing in life was to be all alone.  It's not.  The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel all alone."  Robin Williams
  • OgrelinOgrelin Member Posts: 636

    Originally posted by grunty
    Fun.  It's that difficult.

    Any special things that makes a game fun for you?

  • GreenChaosGreenChaos Member Posts: 2,268
    Originally posted by Ogrelin

    Lets say I was doing research for a mmorpg in development.
    What do you as individuals want from your MMORPG experience?



    What I want is a game that is fun to play, which happens to be a persistent world. 


    I leave it up to the developers to do as they see fit.


  • ReklawReklaw Member UncommonPosts: 6,495

    A Virtual World in a GAMERS WAY. Since we have individuals who seem not able to understand what a GAMER means when wanting a virtual world experiance in a MMORPG.

  • NightbladeX1NightbladeX1 Member Posts: 201

    How about this, a world where player interaction matters? MMORPGs have devolved into a single player game with a chat box. There's no need to force grouping, there's just a need to add an overwhelming benefit for doing so.


    Or you know, how about a game where you don't sit in instances isolated from the rest of the playerbase? A game where grinding and endgame are fallacies of the past, a RPG with an engine that's actually fun to play with? Crazy stuff I guess.

  • VirgoThreeVirgoThree Member UncommonPosts: 1,198

    I would like an MMO that uses a class leveling system similar to FFXI but with more customization. I honestly do not care if there is no pvp (although i'm no slouch in pvp but I could live with out it) so I could care less about balance so long as certain class set ups are not totally useless.

    The reason I say a leveling system like FFXI is because you can pretty much avoid endgame for a very very long time if you wish. The option is still there for endgame players to do endgame stuff, but for players like me who only enjoy leveling and the journey to the top it works out great. I just love how my character can level up every job and switch them out when needed, and I never need an alt to try something new.

    Let's see other things would be primarily group focused game, not raid focused or solo focused. Although I don't mind if they are there, but I would prefer grouping to be more relevant.

    Customizable Houses (don't care if it's instanced), customizable Mounts, and cusomizable armor graphics.

    Regular events, fun mini-games, strong socialization tools, and robust guild tools.

    Less button mashing centric gameplay and more drawn out tactical play. My twitch based skills are actually quite good, but I don't play MMORPG's for my twitch based combat fix.

    Level pacing: This one comes up a lot and one system I really enjoy is Anarchy Online. The levels can go by very quickly but there are a ton of levels to go through. So in the grand scheme of things you fill like you are making progress even if it is small baby steps at a time.

    There is more I would like to write down but it's late and as you can see my thoughts are kind of all over the place. Anyways hope that helps!


    oh and fluff! lots and lots of fluff items. Honestly I rarely use fluff items but they are fun little details to have around. The details really matter in the end after all.

  • NerphNerph Member UncommonPosts: 69

    steampunk thank you very much

  • DraklonDraklon Member UncommonPosts: 218

    A persistent, immersive world with little to no instancing. Instances aren't really part of the virtual world and have little to no effect on it whatsoever.


    Skill points instead of levels. Everyone will be able to only learn so much. You want to be good at something? Then spend more time doing it and less time doing something else (ie place your points in certain skills only). When looking at someone, wonder what sort of person they might be instead of just saying "oh he's a lvl 65 warrior and his POWER LEVEL IS OVER 9000".



    No names, tags or guild titles magically floating above your character which can be seen by anyone even if you're hidden behind a tree. If a group wants to show they're a unit, and they're different then let them dress in a certain way. Dress codes, Guild tabards, banners and/or symbols come to mind.



    No "global chat" where the whole world is one big chatroom and everyone can speak with everyone regardless of where in the world they're at. If you want to speak to someone, find out where they are and visit them.



    Basically i'd love an mmorpg that focuses on both the MMO part and the RPG part, instead of the standard itemgrind games that focus mostly on the MMO part.

  • OgrelinOgrelin Member Posts: 636

    Thank you for you input guys :)

  • abentwookieabentwookie Member UncommonPosts: 114

    Ohh I like this thread!

    * Great pvp gameplay, like Dark Age of Camelot. There has never been any other game that  has reached DAOC's level of pvp. Three realms battling for control of various keeps in the massive frontier area, pvp in dungeons like darkness falls, castle siege (catapults and rams included), and there is even pvp for low lvls. DAOC did pvp the right way.

    * The vastness of Star Wars Galaxies. Massive maps, tons to explore, many classes, a crazy amount of content, etc... SWG was the biggest mmorpg ever created. But then they had to ruin it by trying to turn it into WoW.

    * Tons of character customization options. Being able to create a unique-looking character is an important feature to many players.

    * Constant updates

    * Plenty of high lvl content.

    * A good guild system.


  • HerodesHerodes Member UncommonPosts: 1,494

    Originally posted by grunty
    Fun.  It's that difficult.
    I would second this.

    I am not sure if a standard checklist generates fun. I would suggest enough random-effects for surprises and a high Tamagotchi-effect in character costumization.

  • ZibooZiboo Member UncommonPosts: 157

    A game that is fun!   Meaning if you only have 1/2 hour you can log in and do something however small to advance your character, yet not so boring that people will rush to endgame in 2 days and bitch about how boring the game is to play.


    Random thoughts - 

     I'm not an Rp'er, but I like an RPish feel - highly customizable character (AoC was on track with that), armor/clothing (that looks like armor/clothing), housing (player owned with lots of goods to put in there), mounts (armor for them too).  Trainable companion pets to fight with you.  


    Crafting that is worthwhile, meaning crafted items are worth more than loot drops or at least equal to high end drops.  Gathering skills that progress as you go - herbology you go gather without glowing here's the plant/rock.  You 'learn' what is isn't gatherable or useful.  I liked that with Warhammer - you won't know as an alchemist what you'll get til you mix them together.


    Variety of skills - combat skills that you can learn and skill up with use (ex. anyone could learn to use a dagger but only alot of use would make you good with one), crafting the same thing.  The ability to learn all skills that would make sense.  Ex. a ranger type class - tracking, living off the land gathering skills, stealth abilities could skill up.  Others might learn it, but they'd have to live out in the wilds to get those skills and work at it.


    Mounts/pets trainers could be learned professions.  People want pets the better his/her skill the more varied the mounts/pets would be.


    Intermediate crafting skills - ex.  farmer could grow food, and cook or just sell his goods.  A tailor could grow, spin and make clothing or just buy cloth.  Leatherworks could learn to be tanners and hunt their own skins or have skinners, tanners and leatherworks.  Depending on how much time you want to skill up the different parts to getting leathergoods.  Dye's, poisons, spices, concoctions for health from alchemists/apothocaries.


    Seasonal changes that would affect travel, crafting abilities, etc.  Ex.  winter hard to travel, bad lighting, etc, with random nature/weather events.  Locust attacks, droughts, tornados - random stuff that could cause inconvenience or death.  Night it's dark!  Unless there is a moon. 


    Economy - the availability of goods based on player input - not npcs.  NPC's could only sell what players had sold them.  Random npc's that travel 'from distant lands' could bring in rare spices, cloths, etc. but random not every 2 hours.  Or live auction when the boat docks.


    Language skills to talk to other races would be trainable.  Your allied races would be easier, but any could be trained with enough skill.


    Racial characteristics that are different.  Gnomes can't carry as much as a 250lb barbarian, but gnomes maybe have a higher engineering ability, fit smaller area, armor is cheaper, etc.


    No quick zoning/travel about, no global chat.  I like the idea of no floating text above everyone's head, including quest npcs.  You have to talk to each one to find out who does/doesnt have quests.  


    No flags with PvP you won't know if that person will attack you or not.  You could tell by gear its a tank class or caster, but you won't know if he's friendly or not.


    PvP that makes sense - someone wants to be a 'bandit/rogue' then they're treated badly by 'city folk'.  They could prove their worth to regain trust or become part of a bandit clan.  Partial loot on death (not what you're wearing but a percentage of money/goods) if you are killed.  Wanted posters could be placed with bounties on someone's head.  Guy acting like a doofus - have him whacked!  Mercenaries could be hired to get merchants from point A to B.


    Cities/towns that have a reason to be there - get goods/banks, hang out in craft halls, guild halls, homes.  Events in taverns, etc.


    Grouping/guilds to accomplish tasks - dragon attacking your guilds hall, or invasion of ... or a warband from an opposing faction.  Not just dungeon crawling instance/raiding.


    Quests that make sense - if an npc tells you to go kill 10 deer - you get meat, skins, antlers, etc., all that the npc 'buys' from you for resale for crafters along with coin for completing the quest.



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  • WaterlilyWaterlily Member UncommonPosts: 3,105

    No PVP,

    PVE raids and gameplay like EQ and Vanguard's world. It's simple for me really.


  • Osbern61Osbern61 Member Posts: 2

    I want to be afraid again.

  • OgrelinOgrelin Member Posts: 636

    Originally posted by Osbern61
    I want to be afraid again.

    me to :)

  • DuilyonDuilyon Member Posts: 326

    I would want a huge open world MMO with little to no instancing. I would want huge sprawling dungeons that you could just spend all day crawling through with a bunch of friends.


    A huge selection of classes that aren't the run of the mill Tank-Healer-DPS bunch. Not exactly sure what they would make but vanguard seems to have some pretty interesting classes that aren't all copies from other games.


    Player housing is a must. I love player housing especially if you can build a house anywhere in the world and customize it.


    Boats and fishing would be amazing. I love how in vanguard they have boats that you can build and sail around the world.



  • ianonmmorpgianonmmorpg Member Posts: 248

    Like whats been said so far in this thread, just thought I'd agree with the general theme...

    RPG not FPS

    (I like FPS, but thats a different game from RPG, and the games we play claim to be RPG but I find are typically FPS with a poor combat system)

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