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DCUO Source: Ask SOE#6

NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798

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All answers are from Jens Andersen, Creative Director for DCUO, and Wes Yanagi, Senior Producer for DCUO.

Question #3

Q:There has been a ton of talk about character customization, but most of it concerns a player's appearance. How will DCUO allow gamers to customize their characters through leveling? Will there be a talent or skill point allocation system?

A: There are a lot of different ways players will allocate points as they progress. Some we've already talked about, Super Abilities for example.Are you super Strong, Invulnerable or a little bit of both?We also grant you new Super Powers and allow you to increase those in power.How you ask? Well, sorry, we'll get into that later on down the line. Let's not forget your movement mode. You might start the game with super speed out of the gate but it will take some time before you learn to apply it in ways you never thought of; like vibrating your molecules so fast that a car someone threw at you passes through you as you zip toward them and send them flying down the street.


Question #4

Q: The videos that came out of CES showed character traits. Those traits were, "basic attack, heavy attack, weaponization, movement, power, and health." Are those going to be areas of heavy customization, and is that the complete list?

A: They're actually called Abilities now and they reflect your characters natural aptitudes and powers. The names you saw were temporary.Weaponization is actually Super Strength and Defense is Invulnerability.So players will put points in them which grants them some characteristics associated with it.For example, put a few points in Invulnerability and your “Tough”.Put some more in and you're “Bullet Proof”.Some more and you're nearly “Invulnerable”.


Question #7

Q: Jens Andersen recently made a post about how "support characters" were going to be played a bit differently in DCUO. I know that your policy is prove it through play, but can you give us the general design idea behind changing the way gamers utilize support tactics?

A: Nope, sorry, not spilling the beans on that one yet. It's going to be awesome though and everyone will get a taste. Remember, characters in our game can shift roles so you can play offense, defense or support depending on the nature of your group and the content you are facing.You may find yourself in the middle of the first wave of a fight and half of you need to go defense while the other half are support. Suddenly, the boss changes its behavior and you're all going offense to defeat it. It flows and changes as situations arise…kind of like a comic book fight.


Question #8

Q: As far as raids go, there has been some comment on the fact that groups are limited to 4 members. Does that mean that DCUO won't have traditional raids found in games like EQ2 and WoW?

A: No, even though we're planning on using a basic group size of 4 members, we will still have support for groups of groups for high end content.

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