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Betrayal ((Story - Open))

The clearing was peaceful. Only the chirp of small birds pierced the deafening silence. A storm was gathering to the west, and grey clouds were approaching the forest. The plants were dead still and the wind had not yet begun to blow. a small bolder sat in the center of the clearing, grass and weeds creeping up the sides of the grey rock. The smell of rain lingered.


The beat of hooves began. It was just a small pitter patter, but grew into a loud gallop. The horse stopped at the edge of the clearing, allowing the rider to dismount onto the soft earth below. It was a human. He bore the symbol of the Human Kingdom. Only about five and a half feet, he was small for a normal man. He was built though and he wasn't weak physically. A greatsword hung on his back. He sat down upon the bolder, watching the clouds and keeping an eye on the surrounding wood.


Out of the shadows a tall, pale figure glided across the clearing to where the man sat. It was an Elf. By the brilliant blue eyes and blonde...almost it was obvious that is hailed from the Northern Mountains. The elf greated the human in the dialet that the Northern Elves...More commonly refered to as Frost Elves...speak. The human bowed, greeting the elf in the human fashion. He retrieved a scroll from the pocket of his tunic, handing it to the elf.


"This is from my King. He has found it necessary to sever our connections with the Wood Elves. They have grown useless to us and their ways are impacting our society negatively. The people of my nation are beginning to secretly leave the King's Church for the religion that the Wood Elves practice. Their strange ties with nature have begun to influence my people and this cannot be allowed. We have decided to bring war upon them. We know of your people's deep hatred for your kindred and we wish to offer you the chance of joining us. By allying yourself with us, we can crush the Wood Elves and their allies. It is a good situation for both sides. What say you?"


The Elf reads the contents of the scroll, raising one eyebrow. She rolled the scroll up carefully and spoke in a soft, magical voice.


"And if we accept, would you also help us irradicate the Dwarves who build their great caverns beneath our homeland? They have become a nuisance. Their orcish friends have been invading our lands and terrorizing my country. The rest of the terms are pleasing to us."


"We will offer our services in your war as well. It would be the least we could do."


The Elf smiles


"Very well. I will take this to my Queen. I am almost certain she will accept without a second thought"


The man nods.


"Farewell then. We will talk more of future plans when your Queen accepts."


"Farewell good Human."


They both parted, leaving the clearly. The wind began to pick up and the leaves of the trees overturned themselves in preparation for the coming rain. Suddenly an elf dropped from a tree with a muffled crunch. He straightened up, smelling the air about him. He was by no means happy. The elf was smaller than the human, but not by much. His hair was a light brown, but his skin was the same color as the other elf. His soft green eyes scanned the clearing.


"So it shall be. I must warn the King and Queen of this. We must prepare."


The Wood Elf took one last look at the clearing and then began to run through the forest, just as the first drops of rain spattered on the grey rock.


(( Just a little story. I know it's a bit cliche, but I haven't written in a while so I figured I'd come and start up some RP. This forum needs some more stories going, so here we are! Feel free to comment. Thanks for reading! ))

Guys! I'm hopelessly lost in a mountain of mole hills! Them damn moles!


  • Capn23Capn23 Member Posts: 1,529

    (( Alright. I want to open this up to everyone. The war has begun. You can choose to be on one of the three factions...Wood Elves and Wolfmen, Humans and Frost Elves, and Dwarves and Orcs. The setting can be anywhere in this imaginery creative with the places. along with others. Have scenes that include other people that are posting. Build up a character and have fun. I'm leaving this really open ended so that people can sort of build their own world, character, and story. So for starters...pretend your character is at a war camp and they are preparing for the battle to come...introduce them and then go from there. ))

    Guys! I'm hopelessly lost in a mountain of mole hills! Them damn moles!

  • eldanesh117eldanesh117 Member Posts: 141

    Taldir sat in his small bed, quietly sharpening his sword and listening to the small talk around the barracks. Taldir was an average looking man, with green eyes, brown hair, and a burly-but-still-thin body build; the usual run-of-the-mill farmer's son that had joined the army to seek glory and riches, though he quickly found out that it wasn't everything that he'd had hoped it to be. Rumors had been going around that the kingdom was going under a stir of religious unrest... people converting... things that the King didn't like... that he had sent a runner to negotiate with the Elves of the north...

    But it was not his position to question. Taldir was but a mere soldier. He served his King and country, and that was what he would do, faithfully and without hesitation.

    But throughout the barracks, everyone knew trouble was brewing, and it wouldn't be long until they were called to arms. They all knew that the Wood Elves would eventually find out about this treachery, and strike back.

    ((This is actually my first time roleplaying. :P))


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