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Star Wars Battlefront

Picked up battlefront today spent the whole day at ebgames pretty much, came home with some cool free stuff.

Halo 2 Lim. Ed. Metal Case
Mortal Kombat Deception Display
Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines T-Shirt
a COD Action Figure
and a Donkey Konga Shotglass

but ya when i got home i come to find while install the game the second cd is jacked up and freezes up my comp while trying to install.

image image image


  • lordthrawnlordthrawn Member Posts: 276

    I purchased the PC version of battlefront.....for me though I wished I got the xbox version as I keep getting disc ALOT even with my cable modem......

    but the times that I have played it the game is sweetimage



  • TymoraTymora Member UncommonPosts: 1,295

    I got Star Wars Battlefront the other day for PC.  I love it.  So far I have no problems with the game or connection.  It plays smooth and looks great.

    The Hoth map is the best.  So far SW Battlefront is all I thought it would be.  I traded in Battlefield Vietnam and some other old shooters for it and definitely made the right call, it is much better than BF Vietnam, not only because it is Star Wars, but because the gameplay and balancing with vehicles are better. 

    I still don't know if it's better than the original BF 1942.  That is a classic that I played for a long time but I think Battlefront will stand up to it. 

    There had been great team coordination and coop play so far, and that is really what makes these games fun.  Just stay away from Darth Vader if you are Rebel, he kicks ass.

  • lordthrawnlordthrawn Member Posts: 276
    lol I remember the first time I saw vader I was like wtf is that? An npc or a human so I started shooting him as he was just chilling there of course he deflected every shot then came over and beasted me down with 1 swipe of his lightsaber...and I do like the vehicles in the game...god the at-at kicks so much ass and the graphics are very nice I like the haze effect that it gets when you're looking long distances.



  • DarqueLordDarqueLord Member Posts: 195

    Dont know if you need me to tell you Digity, but just copy the 2nd disc to the hard drive. When it asks for the 2nd disc just browse and choose whatever folder you put the data in. Had the same problem with my 3rd disc.... lol then re-burnt my 3rd disc to save time later on. ::::38::

    But Battlefront is very cool, I am enjoying it quite a bit myself. Especially since a headshot with the sniper actually kills in one hit ::::20:: Mind your heads, because I am aiming for them lol.

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