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"Saint" Recruiting for the Republic

ThasriThasri Member UncommonPosts: 90

Saint Player Association

Saint is looking for Republic citizens to join the fight for the galaxy against the vial forces of the Sith Empire. If you value peace and democracy it is your duty to join us against the hand of oppression from the Sith dictators.

Brief History

Saint is a player association established 2003 in the massively multiplayer online game Star Wars Galaxies. Out of the remnants of what was the Echo squad on the Starsider server was born the Saint-PA. We are a close nit family of online friends and personal friends that like the MMO space and enjoy playing together. We’ve played together in many other MMO titles such as City of Hero’s/Villains, World of Warcraft, Vanguard, Dungeons and Dragons online, and Lord of the Rings online.


Our focus in almost every game is the player vs. player aspect and a mix of some raiding or dungeon crawling.


We’re gathering a fun and challenging group of players to advance in the up-coming MMO Star wars The Old Republic. We’re looking for people of all gaming genres to fill out ranks of dedicated members. We’re dedicated to having fun in a non-drama environment and are committed to keep that way.


How do I sign up?

• Go to our website and register thin apply on our recruitment forum.

Where is your website?

• Glade you asked. Go here

What hours of the day/night do you play?

• At the moment the game is not out yet but our play times are in the CST zone.

Do I have to be a certain class or profession to join?

• Absolutely not, we don’t place restrictions on what you want to play, it’s your account play what you like.

Who do I contact if I have a problem joining the website and forums?

• That would be Thasri at this web address

Thank you in advance to any one that decides to join our ranks at Saint, we’re looking forward to great community interaction with other guilds and members of all factions.

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