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If Blizzard created your dream MMO ... would you play it?

I'm curious to see how many people who are vocal in their critiscism of Blizzard for apparently 'ruining the genre' would go ahead and play their new MMO if it turned out to be everything they'd hoped for in an MMO.

Would you swallow your pride and play, or maintain the boycott and do yourself out of your perfect game just to prove a point?

We're talking a purely hypthotical situation here. Whether you believe they could release such a game or not is irrelevant.




  • Shadow786Shadow786 Member UncommonPosts: 210

    They sort of ruined the genre in the sense that they brought new players to the genre and in terms of business that is good as the overall market share is alot bigger, however other companies are having a hard time trying to capture the presence WoW brought and cant take it away without creating a cloe(WAR, AOC etc)

    To answer your question I would play it  since blizzard as a company are amazing.

  • JowenJowen Member Posts: 326

    IF Blizzard managed to make my dream MMO I would obviously play it. It is my dream MMO after all.

    Though, I have no expectations of Blizzard ever managing to make my dream MMO, as their ideas about innovative MMO design does not match mine at all.

  • IhmoteppIhmotepp Member Posts: 14,495

    Sure, we criticize Blizzard because the success of WoW seems responsible for the MMORPG genre being frozen with one WoWified EQ clone released after another as companies try to caputre the WoW numbers and Billions of dollars.

    But it's not like Blizzard has screwed over it's customers. On the contrary, they have decent customer support, they offer a solid product, and they fight the good fight against botters, gold farmers, and other scum that infest the MMO world.

    SOE is a different story. People hate SOE for screwing over thier customers.


  • SigneSigne Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 2,524

    Of course.  Why wouldn't I?  I didn't notice a thread with a boycott Blizzard or is that just generally speaking?  Anyway, I enjoyed playing WoW off and on, but I'd love to see a good MMORPG that's a bit different from the others, maybe with a unique IP.  I'm fickle when it comes to MMOs and I don't spend years and years playing the same game so when I do resub to one, there's a lot I haven't seen and done previously.  Still, I'm always up for something new and unusual.

  • Thoric485Thoric485 Member UncommonPosts: 525

    Of course i'd play it. I even bought EA's few decent recent games (Dead Space and Mirror's Edge). Carefully selecting what you buy is pretty much the most efficient way to stimulate a company to develop good games.

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  • LydonLydon Member UncommonPosts: 2,938

    I have absolutely nothing against Blizzard. If their new MMO is one that captures my interest, I'll definitely play it.

  • SidereusSidereus Member Posts: 316

    what a question.... if it's everything i want i would definetly play it...we call this a no-brainer :P

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  • Pest138Pest138 Member UncommonPosts: 114

    No brainer, ofcourse I'd play it  , although I am not sure exactly what my dream game would be.

    I love to try different games, right now I am a phase of trying all the mmo's that are offering free trials, but I still have an active WoW account.

    I have not seen any info about what this new game is Blizzard is working on but  I will take a look at whatever it is.

    I am also hoping that some other company can pull off making a game that will hold a couple million subscribers, competition is good for the mmo marketplace!

  • ShlomoShlomo Member Posts: 148

    Well .. If Blizzard created my dream mmo it would twist the world around. Since i'm not that fond of themeparks, it would be a sandbox. The oposite, and by the Blizzard destroys the mmo market would be null and woid. Since big wigs would turn to that.

    And ofcoure i would play the (in my mind) best mmo ever !

  • daarcodaarco Member UncommonPosts: 4,275

    I just want a good MMO. So i dont care what company make it for me. As long as the game can speak for itself.

    Same with movies. I dont care what company doing the movie...

  • commi3commi3 Member Posts: 6

    Im not a fan of Blizzard not because I dont like them, but that I dont like the games they make. I think you need to realize that. If they suddenly turned around and made the MMO I always wanted, then of course I would play it and praise them for their change of ways. WC3 was the last game I liked from them and even then I didnt think it was the best RTS of that year, as medieval total war was clearly the best then (and second best of the whole series). Im not a personal fan of their rinse wash repeat. Ghost was their last attempt at creating an original title and if they had released it, I have a feeling it wouldn't have done well. Blizzard saw that and realized that Starcraft could really only be made as an RTS and I think they know that and realize it cant become an MMO either in its current state.

    They are making another MMO and if it is better then I will praise it, but ultimatly Im not expecting much. You fail at trying to make a point.

  • GamerBenGamerBen Member Posts: 52

    Yes, no brainer

  • LocklainLocklain Member Posts: 2,154

    Of course I would play it, however, if the crowd from WoW migrates to it I would not.  There is nothing wrong with WoW as it is.  What is wrong with it is the community is filled with elitest ass-hats that think they know and can do everything as they wish.

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  • arctarusarctarus Member UncommonPosts: 2,581

     I believe the next mmo by blizzard will be enitrely different from WoW. Maybe even a sandbox type.  No point blizz will create another WoW clone, that will either wont fare better than WoW, or take players away from WoW. I believe it will be able to cater to the other half of mmoers.

    That said, yes, of course i will play, in regardless of which company, except soe....





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  • WaterlilyWaterlily Member UncommonPosts: 3,105

    I would play it. I have nothing against Blizzard as a company, not every game can appeal to everyone. Even though I don't agree with the gender change / attributes because it's a cash shop in a P2P's not enough for me to hate Blizzard, they have done a lot of things right, both in protecting their players and standing up to hackers.


  • Zayne3145Zayne3145 Member Posts: 1,448
    Originally posted by commi3

    They are making another MMO and if it is better then I will praise it, but ultimatly Im not expecting much. You fail at trying to make a point.


    I wasn't trying to 'make a point' I was genuinely interested. The hate I see towards WoW and Blizzard made me wonder if people would actually allow that hate to cloud their judgement to the point that they would actually deny themselves a great game because of that prejudice.

    As an above poster said, perhaps if it was SOE or a company that had outright screwed their playerbase then perhaps that might have made for a more interesting poll. I only posed this question as Blizzard are still a controversial company themselves but crucially have a new MMO in the works.


  • commi3commi3 Member Posts: 6

    If you were general curious then I apologize and your right its SOE that has the stigma of hate towards it. I personally would never play the my dream MMO if it were made by SOE, cause I know they would make it worse rather then better.

  • SonGokulSonGokul Member UncommonPosts: 26

    Of course I won't play  again any MMORPG  made by Blizzard .

  • Dr.RockDr.Rock Member Posts: 603

    I have nothing against Blizzard I enjoyed there RTS games, I did give WoW a try and didn't enjoy it, maybe if it was the first or only thing I had tried, I might have warmed to it a bit more. But I don't susbcribe to the belief that people have to like something just because it is popular, we are all free to make up our own minds being as objective or subjective as we like.

    I would indeed play a MMO they made if it was perfect for me, I somehow doubt that would happen as my tastes are probably niche and I can't see Blizzard going after anything but the common taste.

  • SyriSyri Member UncommonPosts: 230

    If the game itself offered all I was looking for, I'd certainly try it. I may be a bit skeptical because of the Blizzard fan club it would inevitably draw to the game, and certainly if it ended up anything like the community on wow, i think i'd leave it before getting involved in any guilds or groups of friends.

    To me, the community is really the defining point for a mmo. I only played wow as long as i did because I had a great group of friends to play with, though in the end even that lost it's hold. Similarly, I stopped playing everquest 2 as I simply didn't have many people to play with, even though I liked the game itself.

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  • EronakisEronakis Member UncommonPosts: 2,238

    That depends. Are they going to make this dream mmo accessable to the mainstream like wow? I hope not. Do I want it as easy as wow? I hope not. Do I want it challenging and everything indepth? Heck yes! Do I want a niche loyal sub base playing it with a great community, yes sir!

  • TheocritusTheocritus Member LegendaryPosts: 9,454

               I've always thought Blizzards games are just OK....They are playable and semi fun but none of them were anything I enjoyed for very long.........The Diablo games were OK but I didnt like the early Warcraft games and WoW was just OK.........I really really doubt that Blizzard could create my dream MMO because they try to appeal to the masses too much.

  • aromeroaromero Member Posts: 49

    Blizzard is a high quality company. I'd definitely try out anything new that they would bring out. Hopefully if something does come out people don't go around hollering W0W clone...that'd be a funny sight to behold.

  • IlliusIllius Member UncommonPosts: 4,142

    It all depends what kind of audience it draws.  If it's anything like the current WoW population I'd have to heavily insulate myself in the game world since I dislike most of the people playing.  Other then that I'd probably play it.  Blizzard has made good games before, and I never questioned the quality of them, just the community they attract.

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  • heartlessheartless Member UncommonPosts: 4,993

    Of course! Blizzard is known for releasing quality games. I am seriously hard pressed to name one game from Blizzard that sucked.

    People may hate WoW for it's success and for bringing the MMO genre to the mainstream but it was bound to happen eventually anyway.


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