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Know What Happened to ""?

SuaveSuave Member Posts: 150

In regards to the Square-Enix Next Gen MMO (or SENGMMO as it has been previously referred to) I was wondering if anyone knew what ever happened to the website "".  It was a wonderful collection of the most up to date information and theorizing on this particular MMO title and I wanted to know if perhaps the community has migrated somewhere else or if it simply no longer exists.

Regardless of whether anyone knows of its fate, does anyone have any new news on this game?  I know GDC and E3 are right around the corner and could provide a lot of information, but if anyone has any new details on the title I'd be happy to hear them.


  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 19,332

    I am not sure witch game tha tsite was based on but i can lend some thought.

    They have produced a newer multi platform game engine witch will be used for their next gen mmo.It is basically parts of the FFXI engines but vamped up.

    Square makes several mmos for different platforms,i believe they are about to relase one that plays for the WI and the Gamecube i think it was.The game would allow players from both systems to play together sort of like FFXI on PC/PS and xbox.

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