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GB's message to VDD

DJXeonDJXeon Member UncommonPosts: 553

Good luck guys, despite all your words on the forums you did not win one port battle on Defiant in the nearly 2 months I was there.

Enjoyed the forum PVP.

GB leaves Potbs as a Brit undefeated by VDD in PB's, Victorious!

In other words despite your previous successes & words you are a failed Defiant society.

Come back & the Brits will smash you, the only thing that might bring me out of retirement is to came back to make sure hehe, with a Valiant deed already in my inventory! 

/flameon for all you are worth, I am having a great time.



  • DJXeonDJXeon Member UncommonPosts: 553
    Originally posted by P.Pete  FLS forums:

    as for GB, didn't take long for him to quit after his "I'll be here for ever making it work" speech.

     FYI I didn't quit because of VDD it was because I don't feel like paying FLS to be banned from their forums after all I have tried to do for them.

    Potbs is a PvP game & over moderated forums or deleted posts & threadsspoil the fun, It was un-fair that I was singled out by Danicia & banned.

    Fact is that you came back to Defiant to test the British because of me & you lost, hope you realized that we might of got 40 into the TB PB but many were rejected after hitting accept to the invite.

    Despite our weak tactics we had superiority of numbers & with some slightly better organisation the Brits will win every time.

    I was not the battle leader or speak for the British, they speak for themselves, next battle you will likely be up against 3 or 4 Brit 1st rates & many more 2nd & 3rd Sols.

    Provided the brits do not spit up & stay in a tight line formation in front of the fort they will be tough to beat.; their econ is far in advance to anything you have on Defiant. & who knows the french may enjoy fighting VDD again.

    @ Eva Vera

    You broke your own promise we made at the vent meeting & you are still doing it now with words like good riddance; you still have members saying I'm an old man lol & your tactics to try to separate me from the Brit nation or Defiant server you rarely play on never worked. All you did is stir up more trouble for yourself as proved by the beating you got at Turtling bay. For every Brit you sunk there were two more waiting to get at you for what you tried to do!

    Think again & take care young man.

  • DJXeonDJXeon Member UncommonPosts: 553

    Quote P.Pete - he still doesn't know how the game works.

    I know only 24 from a nation can get in a port battle think yourself lucky it's not 40!

    LOL all I know is that you LOST & that's all I need to know about. haha ... 

    Try again if you dare cause I just heard the Brits will have 6 x 1st rates waiting for you.

  • JelloB2000JelloB2000 Member CommonPosts: 1,848

    Thread locked, off-topic (please use the correct guild-forum to communicate with the specific guild).

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