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Why don't more MMOs take the Runescape approach to servers?

Capn23Capn23 Member Posts: 1,529

It would fix the problem of low-pop servers, because you could just go to another server quickly and easily.


It would offer more variety. If you wanted to go to a PvP server for some good PvP, just go to that server. Same goes for PvE and RP and RP-PvP.


It would give the devs the ability to work with some new server types like FFA PvP and what not.


I don't just seems like such a simple solution to a bunch of problems.

Guys! I'm hopelessly lost in a mountain of mole hills! Them damn moles!


  • Capn23Capn23 Member Posts: 1,529

    For those that don't know...Runescape has a list of servers and you can choose any one to load your character on, so you are never pinned down to one server.

    Guys! I'm hopelessly lost in a mountain of mole hills! Them damn moles!

  • Bruticus_XIBruticus_XI Member Posts: 827

    As long as the game doesn't have some type of mechanic that is dependant on each server, like WAR's RvR. It'd make no sense to jump from a low pop server where Destro owns T4 to a higher pop one where no side has a distinct advantage. In Runescape's case it works because each server is basically a carbon copy and everything can be reset very easily if needed. I guess it could work for some other games as well.

  • Carl132pCarl132p Member UncommonPosts: 538

    leveling to max level on a pve server then transfering to pvp is not fair. Progressing on a server with better guilds and moving your guild with all its high level armor to an under developed raiding server would destroy the progression there. You don't get any kind of community going by letting people move to whatever server they want. These are a few reasons not to do servers in that way. None of em are so big that it would be unreasonable to have servers work in that way though.

  • LydonLydon Member UncommonPosts: 2,938

    It just won't work for many games. It could mess up the economy, PvP and many other aspects of the game easily.

  • DibdabsDibdabs Member RarePosts: 3,104
    Originally posted by Lydon

    It just won't work for many games. It could mess up the economy, PvP and many other aspects of the game easily.


  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 24,846

    Why not take it a step farther, and take the Wizard101 approach of letting you switch from one server to another whenever you feel like it, not merely at login?  Or how about the Guild Wars approach of not even having a concept of separate servers visible to players, but opening up more or fewer instances to accomodate fluctuating player numbers?  That could be applied to areas with combat, too, not just towns as Guild Wars does.

    Letting players switch between servers freely would be an upgrade over the existing system for a lot of games.  For games that have different types of servers (e.g., PvP and PvE), one could block players from transferring to a different type of server, but letting them transfer within the same type of server.  I think it's largely programmers not wanting to go to the effort it would take to make it happen that prevents it.  There's probably an inertia aspect to it, as games copy what other games have done, without stopping to consider whether it's a sensible thing to do.

    As far as messing up the economy, most games don't have much of an economy to mess up.  Even among those that do have a significant economy, I don't see how this would mess up the economy.  Indeed, it would probably help it, by making it easier to find trading partners if they aren't stuck on different servers.  The server load for search functions in an auction house is the only problem I can think of, and surely it would be possible to get around that.

    I don't see how it would mess up PvP, either, nor unspecified "many other aspects".  The latter claim is ducking the question, anyway.  It might make PvP a little different, but would more likely make it better than worse if you could go where there is good PvP rather than being stuck where there isn't.

    As far as messing up the community, for people within your own guild, there wouldn't be a bit of difference.  For people outside of your guild (or other analogous structure), you haven't the slightest clue who the overwhelming majority of them are, anyway, in most games.  In order for players to know a large fraction of the other players on their server, server populations have to be kept a lot lower than most games do, with concurrent player populations at peak times probably below a hundred.

  • seldinseldin Member UncommonPosts: 193

    To me i dont have a problem be stuck on a certain server after creation but i hate region specific servers that segregate players to only certain servers depending on where the player lives. it ruins the concept of playing with player s from all over the world and it can be such a pain to get region specific clients

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