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Allakhazam impressions from NYCC

NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798

I hope the "Server Switching" feature makes it to release


go to link for full article


Jens confirmed there will be both PvE and PvP servers, so you won’t have to deal with fighting other players if that’s not your idea of a good time.

He also noted players may have the option to switch between servers at will so they can easily play with their friends or hop an a specific server for an in-game event.


  • NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798

    allakhazam coverage of the NYCC panel   (go to link for full article)

    * Will the game be mission-based or focus more on free play?

    Cao said they will be supplying players with content so they can be villainous or heroic as they patrol or prowl through the open world.

    Andersen said there will be events such as bank robberies, but they won’t happen every five seconds on a continuous loop. He said Wolfman’s cases and capers will also add to the bigger story arcs.


  • NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798

    this is not from Allakhzam

    but its more impressions from people who attended NYCC


    77 posts at this thread discussing several impressions from NYCC,335.0.html

    commentary from The Retropolitan

    - The SOE guy whose name I never got nixed the 'swinging-as-travel-power' rumor that I'd read on here; too much like Spider-man, he said. He may have actually said "I don't think so," which, as we're dealing with secretive companies with unfinished products, is not an actual 'no.' Wink

    - I asked when we'd finally get to see Gotham, and he said, "That's a good question." Apparently the art team is still working on it.

    - A different rep confirmed that capes will be available to players right off the bat, but one of the reasons that we haven't seen any player-characters with capes is that they're doing a under-the-hood replacement of the 'cape' coding, because as beautiful as Superman's cape looked, it was 'expensive,' and they were worried about performance issues with too many players with capes on the screen at one time.

    - They probably used the term "physics object" around twelve thousand times while I was there.

    - While I did really enjoy throwing around cars and frozen thugs and the like, I have to say that I was slightly unimpressed by the weight of the objects. I don't care how strong you are, cars don't bounce around like they're made of rubbery cardboard. Things didn't feel heavy, because you could pick them up too quickly and throw them too far and they'd bounce and bounce and slide on and on. I hope that they can adjust weight for different type of objects.

    - Day/night cycles are in the game, just not enabled in the pre-alpha demo they've been showing.

    - The city is huge, really big, and even after they add in the remaining 7/8ths of Metropolis, it'll still be a seamless environment. I was really impressed, and especially pleased because I hate immersion-killing load screens.



  • DrachasorDrachasor Member Posts: 2,678

    Being able to take a break from a PvP server would be a very nice feature.  The PvP certainly interests me (because there is a great in-game reason to engage in it), but sometimes you need things a little less intense.

  • HeraloHeralo Member Posts: 4
    Originally posted by Nadia

    ...He also noted players may have the option to switch between servers at will so they can easily play with their friends or hop an a specific server for an in-game event.


    I think this increases the odds that they are going with non unique names like Champions Online.

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