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about 9D b4 and the 9D today

RiverMayaRiverMaya Member Posts: 9

first of all i'm not going to say my name on the game my i'm from

Nirvana Server.........i'm a Golden Lotus 3 = lvl 135---Fire Demon

          and a Elemental Crown 4 Black Tortoise = lvl 100

ok here it goes: The 9D b4 got few skills less exp not so many ppl that is high lvl items are so expensive and many newbie noobs evryday.......the good thing of 9D b4 is it got few strong players and if ur a high lvl u can crush them......and 9D b4 was many noobs it means many ppl will ask u about quest wpns and more about the game and u can guide them to the right path and lead them so they grow strong or u can tell them what to do (make them ur slaves i enjoy it alot) they will do what evr u want them to do by only giving them things that is trash to u.......and another thing what makes 9D unique b4 was u can create a league easily in RL lvl......ok time goes by lets talk about 9D began Dec 9-10,2008 the new patch started....The Good thing is theres alot of new powerful skills new quest and new items.......most of all higher exp rates....theres Def Clothes that helps alot......and many many high lvls by that time not that easy to fool ppl and make them as ur slaves.....the bad part....less item drop rate  warriors got less powered FC lvl warriors cant kill other roles......hybrid Vs warrior = Hybrid wins..

Healer Vs Warrior = healer wins....Nuker Vs Warrior = Nuker wins.. its bcoz of the Def Clothes makes the attacks of warriors got less dmg.........the other part.....RL cant easy make a league....coz theres so many strong leagues that hve been created like war leagues got the most highest PKers.....not that easy to kill ppl at Bloody Plain......and about the stat points its not like just put em and put em like u dun care.....u'll need to think about it and do it wisely and put stat that will help u alot on grinding and dont think about it killing ppl yet unless ur a nuker GB lvl u hve to start doing the PvP Stat Build.......

The Good part about the 9D today is that u will get to the 2nd role by Elemental Crown 8 = lvl 104.......and gets the new 2nd role skills and 2nd role clothes......and a good thing for rich ppl is u can buy gold and Blood Essence the BE cost will go down at hefei i think.......Dec BE = 1 mil gold......Jan BE = 2 mil gold.......

and now BE is for sale at the item mall just like the elixers....

BE = Blood Essence = weapon Refinement = Rare.......

but one thing didnt change at 9D and that is the bug all over and newbies they keep on coming.....but not as many as b4......

The Best thing of 9D today is that when  pick ur role it means that will be ur fate as long as u play that char coz today Hybrids no longer called pkers and warriors no longer called bullys...

coz 9D today are more strick on roles......

Healers-Good for epi runs getting items dont die easily when grinding.....

Hybrids-Good for epi runs getting items dont die easily when grinding, gets slaves more easy....

Warriors-not so good at grinding , good for pk at RL-SM but only kill ppl in ur same lvl or lower.....good looking....

Nukers-Boring to grind , dont get many slaves, Die more often at grinding......Most Needed by a league, a Fierce Player Killer.....can kill a player with just one blow......hard to be killed on pVp....hard to lvl up on grinding......GooD on getting epi.....GooD for treatening weaker players.......

and one other thing 9D b4 gives +9 on wpns 9D today gives +12 on wpns........

9D got improve 9D is a great game for compititions a good game for meeting other ppl.......but 9D is bad for ppl that dont like compititions....coz 9D got unique compititions the battle for supremacy......a journey to be the best.....coz due to my experience i've met many 24/7 playas......this game became great coz its hard to lvl hard to achieve what u want just like in the real world hard to follow ur dreams......for some ppl it may suck for some ppl it may rock.....but one thing that i do know i quitted playing 9D.......its a good experience to play  9D but things end.....

its time for me to retire and time for newbies to rattle 9D to be part of the lives of many ppl in 9D.....coz u may become a bad or good no matter what clan u are it doesnt matter......white clan do bad things black clan do bad things........

and i say this game rocks for me i dun knw what it is for u......

but this game is really boring whn u just grind all day hve some fun relax (find newbies and make them ur slaves but u must be FD above so u can show off ur skills)


and one more thing Happy Valentines and thank you for reading


          i quit playing 9D now and start something new

coz u nvr knw whats gonna happen nxt its always a surprise.


                    as one tale ends so another begins










                                     (its ur turn to shine)







sorry for not putting my name coz some of my friends might read this LoL and believe me its a bad thing for me

                                     HaVe a NiCe DaY!!!



  • kingtommyboykingtommyboy Member Posts: 543

    I suggest you go outside now and take a breath of fresh air? ^^

    waiting for ... nothing..

  • mauchoman55mauchoman55 Member Posts: 24

    I got nothing from this. Just like you got nothing, by putting in all that time into this game. You aren't the only one for sure. I'll say that.

  • Darkor_hXcDarkor_hXc Member UncommonPosts: 209

    If u still need to grind 12hours straight to gain 1 Lv...nothing has changed.


  • PsyhoMirPsyhoMir Member UncommonPosts: 23

    b4 (i played from CB)

    Very interesting PvP, (build and skill timing, no "pots fights") My Dexterity maxed Warrior was a badass..



    Acclame changed "how stats work" so bye Dexterity and must Strong build.. and Invincible Nukers ! So dont bother trying other clans/classes if You wand PvP PK.... take a Nuker.


  • BonemaneBonemane Member UncommonPosts: 353

    I love when people use IM CHAT LANGUAGE when they want to say something important or review a game *rolls eyes*. This was almost unreadable, is english your first language? If so then use it right.

    What I got from it is that warriors suck after the update and you like to have people as slaves for some reason? I suggest you go outside or seek some mental help for that slave obsession you have. Hmmm its almost as if you're a nerd in Real Life, but you go on games in-order to control and manipulate people with your stronger character cause you're weak and  not intimidating in Real Life =/

    The main thing that concerns 9Dragons is the grind. If you're still grinding for extensive periods of time then literally nothing has changed.


  • minix2poominix2poo Member Posts: 49

    All i understood is..... the opener is a slave of 9D and Acclaim......

  • asdqwertyasdqwerty Member Posts: 20

    I can not understand a word you are trying to say. The only acceptable excuse here is that english is not your first language.

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