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To all those runescape vets...finally a game worth looking at!

b0rderline99b0rderline99 Member Posts: 1,441

 So everyone i must say that way back when (around 2000-2003) i was very much into runescape, i loved the freedom to do whatever you wanted, and loved how every little item had a use, how the economy was player driven and without any medium (auction house).  i loved how even after only playing a little bit i was not somehow "below" players who had played longer, i probably was better at them at at least one thing.  I loved the trips into the dangerous wilderness, where i would grab all the good stuff i could or quickly mine then run back with my heart beating frantically.




to anyone who feels the same as me, a game just may be coming out which brings some of this back.

Its call Linkrealms, and its located at, its currently in beta, and registration is often closed, until they think they are ready to take on more players.  Upon logging in i had the same feeling of "omg what do i do there is so much going on" that i had in old runescape before they put in guides or anything.  And the world overall feels somewhat similar.

Anyways to anyone who remembers the good old runescape times, wait for them to open up beta registration again (it may be a few days, i waited like 4 or 5) and try it out.


Oh yea, and did i mention that the map is primarily player made?! it comes with a map maker and you buy plots of land to alter and upload and ultimately become a piece of the game world anyone can go to.



p.s. i know i already posted this in the Pub, but personally its bringing me back to my old runescape days so i figured some of the old vets that frequent here would like to see it


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