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GM Booth officially Opens

With the success of four-day trial running of the GM booth before the Chinese New Year, we are glad to announce the official opening of the GM shop.


The booths will be well stocked with pp items of all kinds, ranging from useful tools to precious gems. All the PP items will be sold at 20% discount or above. However, the supplies are limited, being rationed to 10 items for each kind per day.


GM shop will be openning throughout the day from Monday to Friday. Check the booth more often and you may come across Some inhumanly gorgeous and powerful mounts, such as the Jade Dragon, Red Silkweave Dragon and so on.


If you are drifting about in Sun City, do remember to visit gm booth set at Warehouse Manager, where big surprizes awaits you.


The goods on sale are roughly listed as below.


Mon.: Peace Emblem (80 pp) Mount skin (60 pp)


Tues.: Strengthening Emblem (24 pp)


Wed.: Mount skin (60 pp) gem (80 pp)


Thur.: Hat (10 pp) weapon skin (50 pp)


Fri.: Demon-Sealed (24 pp) Living Skill Tools (80 pp)


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