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Poll: Where Do You Stand On the 'Darkfall Spectrum'?

MackerniMackerni Member Posts: 230

 Where do you stand? It's like politics, but with a video game! (Edit: In case you are wondering, right now I'm cautiously optimistic about Darkfall)

Darkfall TrollCautiously Pessimistic about DarkfallDarkfall NeutralCautiously Optimistic about DarkfallDarkfall Fanboi

Darfall Troll - They do not like the concept of Darkfall, or simply think that Tasos is filled with steamy piles of shit who's hyped up a large group of fanbois over the past eight years to pre-order a game that will not deliver any of the promises he spoke of before. Darkfall Trolls are not just pessimistic, they are angry with a passion. They may make countless numbers of threads and posts about all the so-called lies and deceit that Tasos may or may not filled your head with. Darkfall Trolls are more than pessimistic, they are usually extremely paranoid of any company who says they can deliver a game that actually appeals to them (this is usually because they are so hard to appeal to).

Cautiously Pessimistic about Darkfall - These people still believe that Darkfall has a chance unlike the Darkfall Trolls, but they have realistic expectations as to how this game should be dealt with. People who are cautiously pessimistic about Darkfall will probably tell you that the game will be delayed for another year or two, or that it should. They are not filled with the same venom as the Darkfall Trolls. They do know, however, that for this game to be made the way it was intended, it will probably be needed to be funded by a larger publishing company. However, since it has been eight years since Darkfall has been annouced, they truly doubt whether or not this game will ever be released as games from larger companies become even better and might make Darkfall completely obsolete. Unlike the Darkfall Trolls, however, they believe Tasos had good intentions that were just too hard to pull off without the money and resources from a larger capital.

Darkfall Neutral - Darkfall Neutrals do not say a word about the game until it is officially released. They do not care about beta, about spoken words of the past, all they really care is if the game is released. When and if that day cames, that will be judgment day to test if Darkfall can really live up to its name.

Cautiously Optimistic about Darkfall - People who are cautiously optimistic about Darkfall see this as a long-time developed game that will be released soon. It may not be February 25th, but it will come out soon. They see the increase of beta leaks as a good thing and despite criticism, have been impressed with the progress of a game this magitude so far. They do not think Darkfall is the next Dark and Light, but they do not think it will hold all of its promises when it is released. People who are cautiously optimistic about Darkfall think that if they can hold a profit after release, that it will eventually be polished and the promises that are either bugged or not in the game at start will be resolved. 

Darkfall Fanboi - Fanbois of Darkfall most likely fell in love with the concept of the game years ago. Whatever Tasos says is good to them. Whatever Tasos does is good to them. If the game was released perfect and polished, they would laugh at the Darkfall Trolls and tell them they were right about the 'switch' to turn mobs on. If the game was released buggy and incomplete, they would still congradulate Tasos on releasing the game on time and then tell the others that a game this new and unique needs the live-tested. If Tasos delays the game again, they would defend it, saying that it was necessary to do so for a game of this magitude. Darkfall Fanbois are almost always positive about Darkfall no matter the news is about the game.


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