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which race has which class linked to it?

GewbenGewben Member Posts: 11

Like is neo human for warrior or is neo human like ranged class and is enhance human is a mix between the two?


  • GewbenGewben Member Posts: 11

    Transformer in game, haha ^_^

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  • GewbenGewben Member Posts: 11

    About the PC configuration

    Hi, you guys.

    If you find your own computer can't work fine in playing Age of Aromor, you can check your computer configuration. The contents below are from the official site.


    CPU: PIII 800

    DISPLAY CARD: Geforce2 mx400


    HD SPACE: 1.5G

    OTHERS: DirectX 9.0c


    PIV Or Better

    Geforce4 Or Better

    512 MB Or More


    DirectX 9.0c

    So I think you can still play this game even if you have a bad pc configuration.


  • GewbenGewben Member Posts: 11

    Forward from AoA forum:

    What race would this be, sword and guns.

    Well, Neo human is a good class if you can afford CS. If you can't you won't get high durability. At the moment I have 25k dura without using my transforming module. (Yes, moi is a neo)

    Humans got the best AoE damage thanks to their Thunderbolt skill, for canister weapons, so they're able to level up fast. They also can use laser guns, with decent damage and good interval, and you could make your enemy skills unavailable temporaly. (Haze skill). They can heal as well. Humans are really good for new players.

    Enhanceds have the higher amount of durability in the game, and their cartridge weapons hit really fast. For me, its the best PvP class. With a high level armor you could be really good, but you gotta put a lot of effort.

    Neo humans got the lowest durability in the game, but they are the dps'ers. This class is the most expensive class in the game, since you need a lot of CS items to be really good on PvP.

    For melee you can use the LDH Laser Sword, it has around 700 hitpoints and doesn't require knowledge points. And for ranged guns, you should use the Advanced 5, Medium 3 knowledge guns for your class.


  • GewbenGewben Member Posts: 11

    Another interesting item in game: Jet Package

    In Age of Armor, Flying in the Sky is a very important approaching of transportation as well as a way of tactics. For flying would help one get over some blocks, and enable you be at some special angle to your rivals, which will keep you off from being attacked.

  • GewbenGewben Member Posts: 11


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