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[Videos] RF Online

digiosodigioso Member UncommonPosts: 243

I was playing RF Online (also called Romanco & Fantasy Online) some months ago and created a few videos as well.

Some of you mght still be interested in this game, so here I go:

The first one is called "RFO - First Steps" and it shows my first steps in the game. :)

So probably interesting for everyone, who wants to have a quick view at the game. Steps

For all of you who are more interested in PvP, here´s a big battle called Chipwar:

And the third video is called "Goodbye RFO" and it is, as the name suggests, my last RFO-Video. RFO

This video shows an event where massive amounts of monsters spawned in the big capital cities. Force Online - Monster Event

Leg dich nie mit einem BAOD an, oder du bist selber dran.


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