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The truth about SWG?

I feel what you mean what "work" we do have in the game is just grinding and hoping for a lucky drop, there is no feeling of progress, only mind numbing griding until your fingers and eyes are bleeding.

Message edited by Larce24 on 02/01/2009 08:46:02.

02/01/2009 08:22:13 Subject: /fix Chilastra                                 KrackenOne

So, cannot join groups, cannot log in, cannot leave planet, cannot clone to cloner.....eta please.

01/31/2009 06:06:16 Subject: Dark Jedi are SERIOUSLY still in the game?

Congratulations on doing nothing to your dying game to save it over the past 6 months. Congratulations on losing another customer again who was idiotic enough to believe his friends when they said you actually did something.

 01/31/2009 13:39:41 Subject: Re:Hey SOE, stop mailing people and warning them of the packup..

What is the point in mailing repeated warnings to people? So they can return for ONE month, just to prevent the packup for another 6 months?

I just got one for my long inactive account, and nothing is more counter-productive (or destructive as the case may be?) in my eyes. They are abandoned, suck it up and stop with the warnings.

The emails have one purpose and one purpose only ....


To put the $ in $OE.

 Just pulled a few comments from the O-boards to present the truth about SWG.



  • pdxgeekpdxgeek Member Posts: 585

    Wow, the crack moderation team at the o-board must have the day off. Always nice to see the truth coming out, though.

  • BushMonkeyBushMonkey Member Posts: 1,406

    Actually there  were several threads locked/marked as moved this morning.   It is like this every day and has been for the last 3 plus years, just have to do a little digging in the posts to find the real truth about SWG.

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