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    Imagination?  I can hosnestly say, I have not seen the game to equal EVE in stimulating the imagination.  EVE is a game of endless possibility.  Those who emply their imaginations likely uncover more of those  possibilities more  than those who don't.



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     Seriously do we have to have one of these threads each month made by a obvious WoWboy who got his single neuron burned away when he logged into EVE ?... we dont care that it took you 20 seconds to replace it with a rock...

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    I have but 3 words for the drivvel in this thread:
    Don't Feed Trolls

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    Originally posted by Taram

    I have but 3 words for the drivvel in this thread:

    Don't Feed Trolls

    And so we come full circle. This isn't getting anywhere and I have the answers I need. Feel free to rant on about whatever amongst yourselves, but I'm done trying to get through to someone who can actually have a conversation without immidiately taking personal offense about a game. Thank you for at least trying though Enkindu/Eschiava

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    Originally posted by Kordesh 
    I hate to say it, but you're probably right. For essentially all of my time there, while I was in a corp of some sort, I wasn't really helped out or even interacted with most of them the majority of the time. I try to stay mainly self sufficient in regards to upkeep and such because the last thing I want to be is "that guy" who leeches isk off of everyone. That last mining corp I was in was probably my favorite if for nothing else than the fact that they had an automated system for paying out for bringing in useful materials, which let me fund myself and help out the corp, which is what I'd preferably like to do. Unfortunately, hauling by myself was all I find myself doing at the time.


    Ignoring everyone else, I'll say this, you may have been in a good corp for you and never knew it.  I could be wrong but you may have slipped into the problem I see with a lot of new players in my corp. Basically they don't say anything. there is often a lot going on in a corp so if you don't assert yourself as trying to be a part of the  corp you won't be noticed. IT took me almost 3 weeks to get someone in my corp speaking up and he told me he was considering leave the corp/game for what appears to be the smae reason that you did. Part of being in a corp is DON'T try to be completely self-sufficent, its good to be able to be autonomous but you'll want talk and see how you can work as a group to improve your efficency.

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