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PvP a must ?

Im quite new to EVE and was just wondering, is PvP a must do thing or can you stick to PvE ?


  • yaminsuxyaminsux Member UncommonPosts: 973

    yes you can stick to pve and never pvp.

  • x_rast_xx_rast_x Member Posts: 745

    You can stick with PvE activities, but you should still have some sort of defense plan.  PvP in EvE will come to you, even if you don't seek it out.  Defense, in this sense, is minimizing loss and not dying - not necessarily shooting them (though it can include that )  In highsec it's pretty simple, in lowsec knowing how to evade/run gate camps and use your scanner to get away from pirates is crucial.  (See my thread on the official forums for more info, it's out of date since QR but still more than enough to get you started)

  • RodentofdoomRodentofdoom Member Posts: 273

    Some traders have NEVER left Jita .....

    Eve is best played with goals in mind, pvp does not have to be 1 of them

  • cosycosy Member UncommonPosts: 3,228

    Originally posted by yaminsux
    yes you can stick to pve and never pvp.
    is a LIE
    PVP= player versus player
    to be against a player dont mean you shoot him, you ever heard of market pvp ? undercutting ?

    BestSigEver :P

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