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Help me!

Right, so the new year event is currently on the go..... but i have a problem.

Everytime i try for the dragon arena, or beetle race..... i have to download 400files!?

What gives!? I thought that in Guild Wars i can just download it once, and be good with it?

I've probably downloaded this like 10 times now.... >.<

I don't want my team to loose just because I'm afk trying to download 400 files all the time when i join...

does anyone else have this problem? or does everyone have ultra fast internet speeds?


  • CereaIKillerCereaIKiller Member Posts: 3

    Usually after downloading them the first time, loading will become a lot faster.  The first time you load, it's actually downloading the files.  After that, I THINK that it's just finding them and loading them.  So just bear with it once and let it load completely, apologize to your team if you wish to do so.  People understand, during events everyone has to load the first time, even people who have done the event the year before have to load new files etc.

    Sorry that this is too late to help you during the event xD

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