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Latest 'Ask Cryptic' (Jan 29, 09) up.

HagonbokHagonbok Member Posts: 365

You can read it in full here.

A couple of real interesting things for me were...

Will there be a galaxy wide map which is directly linked to the territories? e.g- If a federation fleet takes over a few star systems, will it show up on the map so everyone is constantly updated with their fleet's boundaries etc?

Yes and no. The star systems that are going to be changing hands are in the Klingon / Federation neutral zone where PvP and indirect PvP will be taking place. The systems within the Neutral Zone will change loyalty between the two factions, and their status will show up on the sector level map. The actual high level map itself is not going to change territory lines.

Since the Federation has evolved beyond money and the need for it, how will the galactic economy work and flow for the Federation and indeed the Klingons? Will there also be opportunities for cross-faction trading?

The Federation may have grown beyond the need for money within itself, but the rest of the galaxy hasn’t. Even within the Federation there is a sense of credits: transporter credits and replicator credits. You can’t simply decide one day that you want a starship and then get one, you have to have enough credits for that. Outside of the Federation, there’s a thriving galactic economy that uses gold pressed latinum. You, as a Starfleet officer, will participate in that economy on behalf of the Federation. As for cross faction trading – we’re looking into how black markets might fit into the game.

It's looking more and more like there's going to plenty of action for both PvE and PvP in the Neutral Zone that's for sure. The economy side of the game is looking better and better all the time as well.


  • BrenelaelBrenelael Member UncommonPosts: 3,821

    Yeah I read this earlier today. I have to say that the game is shaping up nicely. I can't wait to play. Hopefully closed beta won't be too far off if they plan to release late this year.




  • admriker4admriker4 Member Posts: 1,070

    I have to agree. this game is really starting to look good

  • themiltonthemilton Member Posts: 353

    What do they consider "indirect PvP"??? PvE stuff that affects the balance of power in PvP?

    The less you expect, the more you'll be surprised. Hopefully, pleasantly so.

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