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Class choice for PvP?

garbonzogarbonzo Member Posts: 260

 I love my 80 BM hunter (decent gear for a casual), but it's gotten to where I see a lone pally guarding a node and think "I won't be able to kill this guy, better get help."  *sigh*  It's not too much different with DKs, but at least the fight will be long and I have a chance.  I was leveling a lock before WotLK but the nerf made me seriously slow down considering PvP is my favorite endgame and PvP locks made a mass exodus.  My other high level char is a 73 mage - chipping away at leveling.  I'll go to 80, and I hear mages are doing okay, but they don't give my hunter too much trouble so I'm questioning whether I'll still be pally food.  

My question is this: based on 3.0.8, if PvP surviving/killing is your thing what class would you level?

Also, do you pallies or DKs have an anti-class you fear?

Of course all of this is subject to the next nerf bat.  I'm wondering what will happen if the day comes when pallies find themselves in the crosshairs...  Not too long ago locks seemed to rule all.


  • AxumAxum Member Posts: 891

    Hmmm i'm not sure if it's still the same but a well played lock SHOULD be able to beat a pally, same goes for shaman.


    But, that said, shamans and locks are the hardest classes to be "Good" at.


    As for DKs....I have no idea what can beat them 1vs1


  • garbonzogarbonzo Member Posts: 260
    Originally posted by BRYANBARTLEY
    As for DKs....I have no idea what can beat them 1vs1

    Are DKs generally owning pallies?  I watched an 80 pally/DK duel yesterday and the pally got abused badly, but of course gear and skill play a part.

  • AxumAxum Member Posts: 891

    DKs......well the mechanic behind them is kind of broken.

    it's like a fury warrior with three silences, and pets.


    If everything is timed right they can pretty much beat any mana class.


  • QilinQilin Member Posts: 18

    Probably DKs are the best in PvP, but a skilled rogue can beat DK IMO. Locks and SP suck atm, because of low resilience rates. With good resilience, these classes will be really hard to beat. Shaman and Warrior should be last options. Arcane Mages seem pretty "burstful" and they have a great mobility. Holy Paladins are the best arena healers atm but they dont kill. Feral Druids are also imba. They deal enormous damages in Dire Bear Form. (They should nerf this soon) Retri Pallies umm, well...

    In the end, I have a rogue I would stick to him. 

  • ionlyneeditionlyneedit Member Posts: 123

    It's pretty much irrelevant. Blizzard's idea of "balance" is more like a pendulum that swings from one extreme to the next. Right now Retardins and DKs are on top. A few months from now, who knows?

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  • AlandoraAlandora Member Posts: 337
    Originally posted by ionlyneedit

    It's pretty much irrelevant. Blizzard's idea of "balance" is more like a pendulum that swings from one extreme to the next. Right now Retardins and DKs are on top. A few months from now, who knows?

    Exactly this.   It's an extreme waste of time to 'chase' the flavor of the month class.  By the time you roll one, level him up, they will be nerfed, or more likely, people will know how to beat them.

    A lot of the problem people are having with DKs is that they don't know the class well, so they don't understand it's limitations.   You can read comments in this thread where people talk about DKs and act like talented abilities are 'base abilities' that every DK has.   It's like complaining about warriors having Titan's grip and mortal strike.

    The first thing you have to do when fighting a DK is to figure out which spec he is.  It's actually easier than most classes.   From then on, you don't worry about the DK abilities that he won't be using (because they are outside his spec).  A blood DK is going to be a longer fight, because he is focused on self-healing,  unholy is going to be a much faster fight and his pet ghoul is useful.

  • DouhkDouhk Member Posts: 1,019


    I don't really understand the huge, gigantic exodus of WLs after they got nerfed down. My lvl 80 WL has been and probably will stay as my main in PvP for a while; I was kicking a$$ while they were demi-gods and, even with this nerf, I am still kicking ass with a WL. Maybe I'm just really really good?  It's all a matter of uses my curses, my pets, and my movement; what alot of people don't seem to understand is how important mobility is to the class. What sucks for me is that the only class I really have problems with is the one that is most popular, considering how powerful it is and how easy it is to level it (hell you're over halfway leveled from the start).

    I can pretty much take out any class 1 on 1, excluding DKs, simply because they have so much versatility. The same goes for a really, really good rogue; but in most cases, the rogues I run into are idiots... I end up winning 3 out of 4 of my run-ins with rogues. WLs and rogues are special cases, and my favorite classes. They really depend on the player; a very good WL should be able to take care of most players, as for a rogue.

    I suggest keeping your mage and getting him up to lvl 80. They're doing pretty good currently in the arena spectrum, especially arcane mages. If you want to start a class from the start though, make a druid. Very fun class to play and, from the beginning, have always been a little OP. I suggest this class because, while atm they are not absolutely pwning everything like the DKs or pallies, they show no signs of ever really getting nerfed, and are decent in practically every retrospect. Pallies, Shamans, and Druids are generally always better to level than pure classes, because Blizzard's perspective in terms of PvP for the hybrid classes is that they should be good in whichever thing they focus on in comparison to the pure classes; why level a mage when he can only focus on damage when the druid can focus on damage with one tree, or switch to healing talents, or switch to tanking talents?

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