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Spartanbloods Bibliography of Elendimir

It all started from Diablo II, played that crazy game for over 2 years. Then searched for the right MMORPG for a long time. Tried out Mu online, Dark Age of Camelot, Rose online, Flyff, Runescape, 2Moons, Knight Online and some I can’t even remember. All of the games got me hooked for a while, but I got over MOST of them. Then as a lord of the rings fan I started hearing about Lord of the Ring Online (LOTRO) and becoming more interested about the game.I ended up getting into beta through the purchase of a magazine (while my friend got an invitation from a random email)

Basically I ended up playing that game for a LONG time. I reached everything I could ever hope for, great kinship (best on server, maybe game and great people), best gear (for one year my kin ran the same instance for the same old crap, every one in the kinship was maxed out for a LONG time) and the best known pvmp player on the server, highest pvmp rank at all times( my server Elendimir, pvmp was great most of the days, we would get huge turn outs, and on weekends GIANT battles with the most amazing strategy and leadership going on) Most of the veterans would call me the best burglar there ever was and is, but all I am is just a gamer that puts 110% in the game except on the weekends when I’m either high or drunk. Long story short I ended up on failing a couple of courses in college and though it would be best for me to stop playing the computer for a while…

HAHA that didn’t really work. But I didn’t go back to LOTRO, I started playing games that don’t require me to be there every other day from 6:00 pm – 12:00 am (damn raiding clans not that I don’t like em) I started playing CSS (counter strike source) and a bit of Half Life 2 Deathmatch. But one game that had my interest was DotA (Defense of the Ancients is a custom scenario for Warcraft III). I got into this game really fast and started playing tournaments in about 1 year (not for cash but pro competitions that were extremely intense) And now my computer brakes on me. It lasted me a good 3 years with the best specs I could buy at the time for under $2,000.

After my friend fixed my comp he installed all my games and Lotro (the game that I uninstalled because of my failing grades, and mostly my because of my lack of self control) During that time Mines of Moria was already out and I had no over choice other than to buy it.( I actually didn’t have to buy it but I came home REALLY drunk and as I always did, I clicked on the little ring on my screen and began playing Lotro for the first time in about 6 months or more) When I got back to the game a lot was changed and new to me. Many people where welcoming me back, (saying OMFG Spartanblood where ohh where have you been?) While some of my kin members were telling me crazy stories about my kinship “Preying Mantis” It some how happened that my kinship split in half. This is what happens when Spartanblood disappears! For some reason I ended up joining the new clan… leaving the title of the oldest member of the kinship and all my DKP behind.(DKP is a score keeping system used by large kinships) Everyone was welcoming me back to the new kinship but the members for Preying Mantis didn’t even talk to me. Well that’s what happens when you drink kids :P. I started playing the game and gained 4 levels in a couple of days and then like a miracle, my computer shuts down and doesn’t turn on again. And I haven’t played any games ever since.


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