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One Thing They Need to Change In This Game...

MackerniMackerni Member Posts: 230

To me, City of Villians is City of Heroes with different environments and powers. Sure, the quests might be a little different and a little bit more sinister as well, but it's not enough for me. To me, these aren't supervillians, these are bad guys.

I think they should do one slight change that would dramatically add in the element of, "supervillian" to the title. To me, evil is evil not because it kills good, but because it kills. If there were no good guys, according to City of Villians evil would kill no one because in City of Villians, evil does not attack evil. But if there was no good and evil did not attack evil, then there would be no evil, and therefore there would only be good.

This is how I'd want to change that: Make it so Villians can attack each other at any time and even gain considerable experience points for killing a follow villian, equal to the experience points he will lose (so Villians arent just attacking each other near the respawn points). At level 50, every supervillian will gain, "supernoriety" that will prevent experience points being gained (but they can still be attacked by other supervillians). There will even be a new tree of skills for supervillians who want to be extra-evil and loot from the corpses. 

I think this could make the game very interesting ... it would sure make it different.

What does everybody else think? Maybe to compensate for the villain content hero's would get something to the same effect of a power pool set that is focused on teamwork and give extra bonuses for helping low-level superheroes or something ... could be very interesting. I might resub if they did this. And it's not like it would be impossible to do, either.


  • Death1942Death1942 Member UncommonPosts: 2,587

    sorry but thats a bit retarded, its basically making the villain side FFA and that would not suit this game at all.  As far as missions go on the matter we already kill other villains (the council, Arachnos, Circle of thorn, ect) and we already kill other villains (their leaders) so i dont think there is any real need for this.


    what i would like to see is much more hero beatings on the mission aside from the odd hero or two on Longbow missions.

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  • MackerniMackerni Member Posts: 230
    Originally posted by Death1942

    sorry but thats a bit retarded, its basically making the villain side FFA and that would not suit this game at all.  

    That kind of excuse (without reason) makes me think that you just don't like FFA games. Just because it would be FFA doesn't mean everybody would be attacking everybody else. What if some servers had it and some didn't?

    And sure, you might be fighting other evil NPCs, but how realistic is it that you are a villain fighting alongside with other villains and none of you betray each other? Villains should be able to betray each other, even the human ones, if you ask me.

  • themiltonthemilton Member Posts: 353

    I had to vote 'no' because I'm not a fan of FFA. I like PvP, but on established terms.

    I do like the idea of having a separate FFA area, though. I don't know if I'd rather have a server or a zone. Story-wise, the lack of FFA in the Rogue Isles is easily explained through the influence of Arachnos. You don't break the rules without catching the wrath of Lord Recluse. But I could see the addition of another zone/isle where Lord Recluse hasn't established Arachnos yet. Except for maybe a foothold/base for transportation purposes. Make it Villains-only content to keep it from becoming another RV.

    With a new zone, you'd have to worry about level. Although, I suppose you could make the notoriety system like the XP system - your victims would have to be within a certain level for the take-down to be of any benefit to you. Could there be a built-in griefing penalty to keep the lvl 50s from picking on the level 1s?

    How would you entice people to go there? Exploration badges? Salvage/recipe drops? Optional mission arcs?

    Could also work as a special Ouroboros arc - go back to the Rogue Isles in the early days of Arachnos.

    The less you expect, the more you'll be surprised. Hopefully, pleasantly so.

  • LithomanLithoman Member Posts: 16

    Intersting idea...

    I voted no, but I am no fan of FFA, ( Tried Morded in DAoC and found it much too chaotic ). but if there was a seperate sever or zone for that type of play and I didn't have to be involved in it, it certainly wouldn't take away from my CoX experience.

    What I would like to see though would be more Longbow or other "hero" type paper missions. Seems all paper missions are against other villain groups... Aint that kinda wierd?

  • Mystik86Mystik86 Member CommonPosts: 380

    I like your idea to some extent however I would have to say that instead of starting out as a hero or villain you actually get to start as a normal citizen and perhaps what you did in the first 10 levels determined your origins to a degree (good or bad, neutral, anti-hero, whatever). At which point you'd choose through a mission or series of missions how you get your powers, your costume and your nickname. You wouldn't be a superhero or supervillain yet but you'd be a step above the rest-until you hit 50 and then you'd get your "super" title depending on which path you chose.

    This would have made COH/V amazing for me but it's really too late to rewrite the core of the game. Even Champions Online won't be like this, as far as I know, but seems to have a lot more to it than CoX.

  • themiltonthemilton Member Posts: 353
    Originally posted by Lithoman

    What I would like to see though would be more Longbow or other "hero" type paper missions. Seems all paper missions are against other villain groups... Aint that kinda wierd?


    Actually, it's really not.

    In CoH, all the heroes are on the same side and share a common mutually acheivable goal - protect the city. In CoV, the villains are a factious bunch with a common but mutually exclusive goal - control of the Rogue Isles and eventually the world. If Arachnos achieves its goal, that means the Goldbrickers can't achieve theirs. Even the top Arachnos agents (GW, Mako, etc.) fight amongst themselves, so it's not that unusual to be an Arachnos agent fighting other Arachnos agents. It's much easier for different Hero groups to work together than it is for different Villain groups to work together.

    The less you expect, the more you'll be surprised. Hopefully, pleasantly so.

  • HhusskHhussk City of Heroes CorrespondentMember Posts: 219

    Your idea has merit, but I'd like to point out what turned me off to the whole CoX game.


    In City of Heroes AND City of Villians, heroes can't attack heroes and villians can't attack villians. Sure, you can duel, but the system overall sucks.

    Personally, I think Heroes and Villians should co-exist. Read the comics, sometimes heroes fight heroes...many times villians attack villians. The worst thing about City of Heroes is that no matter what you do, you're always a hero.

    It would have been better if there had been some form of "alignment" system, where you can become a bad guy, or even turn to justice if you were previously bad.

    Let people make those choices, and then we'd have more fun.

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  • Xondar123Xondar123 Member CommonPosts: 2,543

    That's a bad idea because it would make City of Villains unplayable for people who don't care about PvP. It would also make the game a number 1 haven for gankers/griefers.

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