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Intense PvP Dueling

Now, im not the best gamer, but certainly I can preform. Tell me what you guys think?

This seems intense to me. Im lvl 36 against a 41 lock, and im lvl 38 against a 48 mage.

Not a video pro. But hope you enjoy, tell me what you think.

Videos at    www.wegame.com/users/gregtheexcon


Enjoy : )


  • mad-hattermad-hatter Member UncommonPosts: 241

    Honestly, the mage sucked bad, really bad, spent more time walking backwards than casting anything, and he didn't wand totem, you pretty much smoked him.  Lock walked backwards alot too, but given the level diff. hit you quite hard and you almost bit it a few times but I'd say you showed some skill against her.  Very good fight vs. the lock!

  • LustmordLustmord Member UncommonPosts: 1,114

    Looks to me like you faced a mage who was lagging incredably bad.. see how he moves 2 steps and stops... 3 steps and stops... 2 steps and stops.....


    And a Destro Warlock in greens with no crit gear.


    I'm not surprised at all you could out-heal them.


    But gratz, none-the-less.

  • WearacupWearacup Member Posts: 161

    It was so intense that no one lost anything or even risked losing anything. Well, unless you count the 2 minutes it takes to resurrect, reload, rinse, repeat. WoW...because it's intense!

    Trammies need to stop polluting the MMORPG landscape. They already have enough games in which to emote hugs and sell garbage by the banks.

  • RecantRecant Member UncommonPosts: 1,586
    Originally posted by Wearacup

    It was so intense that no one lost anything or even risked losing anything. Well, unless you count the 2 minutes it takes to resurrect, reload, rinse, repeat. WoW...because it's intense!


    Through your thin sarcasm you have betrayed your inability to grasp a simple concept (don't worry, you're not the only one - I've long chuckled at the flawed 'risk' argument).  The concept is this:  Any game, competitive event or challenge does not need a risk, or a reward for it to be intense or enjoyable.

    All the games you played in the past, what do you have to show for them now?  Nothing... the whole enjoyment of playing games should come from actually playing them.   There's no reward for most of the games in life, electronic or otherwise (unless it's competitive sports).  Games should be fun.

    This philosophy permeates throughout World of Warcraft; the game is so enjoyable to play, that playing it is reward in itself.   It is why it is so highly critically acclaimed and enjoyed by so many, doctors, laywers, game developers themselves (hi, the people making or have made your MMORPGs have admitted to enjoying the game).

    The rewards you attain in these games are merely records in a database anyway, just like the result of a friendly chess game is simply a boolean value in your head.

    The concept of heavy risk and reward is a noble one, but unrealistic and unsustainable, when it comes to game design, but this is a whole 'nother discussion in itself.


    Yes I'm a fanboy, but I have a logical argumentitve method.   If you cannot debate in the same way, don't bother to reply or post.  I don't have time to reply to people who cannot think for themselves, instead of joining the MMORPG.com choir in unrelenting dissent.

    I'm getting tired of people who continuously bash games like kids on a street corners heckling old ladies.  Either play World of Warcraft and partake in the phenomenon and stop pretending you're above it, or stick to what you enjoy instead, but don't question the acclaim or success... it's deserved, don't be so bitter about it.  Posting crap like "Oh it's sooooo intense" is like some guy brooding in the corner of a party, picking his nose while everyone else is enjoying themselves.

    Have you even tried duelling in other MMORPGs?  It's like WoW is lightyears ahead in terms avatar control and feedback.   You don't get more intense than that.  Arena is like, easily on par with any FPS or RTS out there (and I do play both).

    The majority of criticisms levelled at WoW on these forums are invalid (trust me, they're plenty of valid ones - WoW is far from perfect - but most of you don't know what they are).   When I see crap like this being posted, I know you haven't experienced the same game as me.

    It's as if people are basing their entire opinions of the game on losing an arena match or getting ganked or something.  You are NOT playing the game that everyone else is loving, you must be playing on a pirate server or something.

    Still waiting for your Holy Grail MMORPG? Interesting...

  • SonofSethSonofSeth Member UncommonPosts: 1,884

     Wow that mage is full of fail, loved the comments by that other tauren though.


  • el_muerteel_muerte Member Posts: 191





    That is all.

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