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[Alliance Recruiting] UTA is looking for PVP Corps

utrrutrr Member Posts: 5


Public Chat Channel: UTA Public


Who we are

Unity Thru Aggression is a 0.0 PvP Alliance. No POS-bashing. No sovereignty fights. A close group of dedicated PVPers who log in to harrass, annoy, and kill in target rich enviroments. No corp is too small as long as you have the desire to PVP.

What we offer

* Unlimited targets. Our only blues are our logistic alts.

* A home for PVPers

* Knowledeable Corp Leaders who have been playing for over 4 years

* Laid back atmosphere to enjoy the game, and not worry about politics

* Teamspeak

*  - Killboard and Forums


* Join our Public Chat Channel: UTA Public

* Post to this thread

* Frayen (in-game)

* IRONUTRR (in-game)

* The Hooch (in-game)


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