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Which hybrid class should I play?

A friend of mine just sent me a scroll of resurrection, and I'm seriously thinking about getting back into the game. I've found that since playing a pure mage before in WOW and GW and a pure tank (IB) in WAR, I'm very interested in playing a hybrid class this time around.


Could anyone give me the pros and cons of playing these hybrid classes currently in WOW?




Death Knight

I messed around with a druid back in the day and really liked the playstyle - but hated staring at the same bear or cat form for hours on end. I tried a shaman briefly but really couldn't get into it. The paladin has always interested me, but it used to be that class leveled very slowly. With the new exp bonus I've heard that's changed. DK looks awesome but I'm sure they're a dime a dozen.

BTW, I'm looking for the best class for casual play - no hardcore raiding or arena fights. Also want something I can level relatively quickly, as my play time is rather limited.


  • Silverthorn8Silverthorn8 Member UncommonPosts: 510

    Ok here goes:-



    Retri's are currently one of the number one pvp specs, they are engines of destruction

    Prot are good tanks in raids and dungeons, still one of the best main tank healers if specced healing.


    Just my opine here, they bore me senseless- the only class I havent ever got on with, all specs seem to involve activating very few skills.



    Resto very good for raid healing still, enhancement awesome for levelling and end game dps


    All 3 specs tend to get slaughtered in pvp



    Feral viable for tanking and pvp these days, resto still great healers even though wild growth aoe healing has now been nerfed (6 sec cooldown ftl). Balance has been given a great boost as regards dps


    Not many, this is still my favourite hybrid class, balance although can do high damage output is still a tad fragile in pvp.

    Deathknight - not really a hybrid class although it can heal itself very well in blood spec.

    In summary all of these classes are amazing solo, perhaps the shaman is the most squishy of them ( I do love the introduction of spirit wolves as a 51 point enhancement talent though).

    Still awaiting the new druid forms to be implemented...could be a few patches down the line ^^

    My personal faves are shammy (enhancement or resto spec and feral druid). Deathknights are worth playing just for the awesome questline, then you leave the starter area and realise that the game is flooded with em, a zillion times worse than the number of NE hunters that infested the game at launch.


  • GemmaGemma Member UncommonPosts: 337

    If you want to pvp, roll Death Knight or Ret Paladin.

    If PVE, prot paladin for tanking, resto shaman for healing, either of the others for dps.

  • Boneripper66Boneripper66 Member Posts: 15

    Watch out for the army or retri pallas, I don't know how it is on other servers but on mine they are way to many.


  • XasapisXasapis Member RarePosts: 6,337

    All of them can level pretty fast noawadays, as long as you're specced on the damage side of their talents. Death Knights start at level 55 with very good gear, so they are the fastest to level. That means that almost everyone has a DK alt. Most people that I know however have not changed their main.

    Paladin most popular trees are the retribution (melee DPS) and protection (tank). The holy (healing) tree was the least prefered, due to the massive AoE healing potential of the other classes, which have been toned down in the last patch.

    Druid forms may look bland but this is the only class that can virtually do everything (caster DPS, melee DPS, tank, healing) as good as everyone else, when specced for it.

    Shamans are somewhat rare, perhaps due to the PvP issues. Very sough after though in PvE with all the trees strong enough (elemental buff in last patch). Elemental (caster DPS), enchancement (melee DPS) and restoration (healing) cover everything besides tanking and they have the ability to really boost a raid dps or healing.

    Death Knights are new, people are starting to get used to them. You'll see a lot at the starting areas and in Outland, because it's the easiest farming alt to level to max. They have three strong melee damage trees (blood, unholy and mix dual wield) and a strong tanking (frost) tree. They are the new hunter class (easy to get into and be average, hard to find players that can maximise their potential).


    I can't give a solid advice on what to choose, because that depends on what you enjoy the most. Just don't go along with some posters, picking the class of the month is never a good idea when you're looking at long term hobbies like MMOs.

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