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Habbos not even bad, you guys just haven't scratched the surface.

HasboHasbo Member Posts: 2

After playing for 4 years now, i still find it good fun every so often. All these posts about all you doing is chatting and being habbo babies is complete rubbish. There is a lot of rp going on in this game and, the post that someone put about there being less skill on this than WoW - you've got to be joking? It takes a lot more skill to type fast, therefore to attack your opponent than it does to click a button. Plus i can vouch for half the community when i say, WoW players have less of a life than Habbo players.


  • FaituFaitu Member Posts: 90

    The point is not whether this "game" is good or bad, the thing is that it is NOT a MMORPG. It has no reason to lie on's game list. First, whether or not there are a couple of people roleplaying, it doesn't matter, the game is not designed on the RPG genre, it is merely a chat place. This game doesn't require skill, because there is no competition, unless you're talking about those silly player-ran events. Still, WoW doesn't take a lot of skill either, that's common knowledge. And who cares if WoW players have no life? That doesn't help your argumentation.

    I've played this game for a while, and I've never seen anything close to RP. Sorry to say, the only thing I see is a bunch of retards who can't spell doing everything to have a furnished room, which doesn't even make sense in the end. Not to mention that 90% of the community is made of silly pricks on their early adolescence (well now this has something in common with most MMORPGs out there).

  • HasboHasbo Member Posts: 2

    your point is good except, you say there is no skill? When i mean skill i did not mean admin run events. I ment fighting in roleplay.

  • BonemaneBonemane Member UncommonPosts: 353

    I'm sorry, but when you say typing fast in RP to attack that's a MUD concept you're talking about and MUDS still aren't MMORPGs. So unless Discworld MUD, AVATAR, or MUME  (multi-users in Middle Earth) get on the gamelist somehow, Habbo Hotel shouldn't be on the list.

    MUDS are still games though. You don't have to "pretend" to be attacking because the gameplay is still there in MUDS. In Habbo Hotel you have to pretend therefore its not really a MMORPG nor game.

  • WolfenprideWolfenpride Member Posts: 3,988

    I can understand the appeal of this game, but I can have just as much fun honestly trolling some anonomous chat room

    or getting on 4chan.

  • Jester92Jester92 Member Posts: 156

    Well from* someone who used to play habbo ALOT trust me this game is a bigger piece of junk than windows vista.   The fact that what you CAN get with out paying gets scammed away from you makes this game fail, the hackers hack you when you DO get some kind of wealth going, and when u DO get a rare piece of furniture its price suddenly DROPs thanks to (bad word)'s who script their furni to look like theres a bunch of it just so they can buy them for cheap and sell them for high.  The game is crap.  Thats if u want to call it a game in all seriousness its a chatsite.

    J. B.

  • Jester92Jester92 Member Posts: 156
    Originally posted by Hasbo

    your point is good except, you say there is no skill? When i mean skill i did not mean admin run events. I ment fighting in roleplay.


    I can tell u guys the ONLY MMO on this site that takes SKILL and not TIME is puzzlepirates. NO joke.

    J. B.

  • srrsmrsrrsmr Member Posts: 2

    Hasbo; a couple things:

    1st:  Learn to spell.

    2nd:  It has takes more skill to play Habbo than WoW because you need to type fast?  That point isn't worth attacking so please shut up.

    3rd:  2.86.  Don't know what that number means?  Its Habbo's rating on this website.  It is the 2nd lowest rating shown on the entire site.  You need your fellow Habbo players to back you up before you start declaring this game a worthwhile investment.

  • Basil90Basil90 Member Posts: 6

    Habbo used to be fun around 2007-2008 but now there are a lot of problems now going on within the game and the staff memebers itself.

    For example:

    - Since they make it so easy to report people, Moderators will ban you for literally anything.

    - 60% of Habbo's population mainly were on RP's like, militaries, mafias, gangs, etc. Going back to the first example you can now get banned easily just by saying, "I'm going to kill you."

    - They made it so easy to make clone accounts, another issue of bullying people in that fact.

    - Slow customer service, I got a perm ban because I was talking to my friend I knew in real life asking him, "Where do you want to meet tonight?" I wanted to explain to them that this was a mistake made by the Moderator. I waited 14 days just to get my call answered and fixed. That should only take at least 5 minutes or less.

    Habbo is a chat room game, but it's graphical where you can move and make rooms that seem life like. People really shouldn't be complaining that it isn't an MMO, because technically it is. MMO stands for Massive Multiplayer Online. A lot of people still play Habbo and new people are coming to enjoy it. Around 10,000 online users are on per day for more than an hour so technically you can't say it isn't massive. It is multiplayer because you're interacting with other people and of course it's online. This website is an MMO and MMORPG listing website/fourm. Not just MMORPG and I don't think the people that manage this site are dumb.

    Habbo used to have around 20,000 users but had suffered a drop of users since switching to the new BETA type verison of Habbo. This game is not bad, but in order to REALLY enjoy Habbo you need to have or make friends on there in order to fully enjoy it. I made like 5 close buddies on Habbo that I now talk to in real life. It was an enjoyable time period in my life, but I do say that this game is certainly not appropriate for people who can't handle social interactment. I have been bullied on Habbo and even gotten scammed before on Habbo, but to be honest with you guys it's kind of like real life. I've learned so much from Habbo and how to interact and make friends I even get to make great friends with people I don't know. It helped me learn how to be safer and to ignore occasional trolls and look out for myself. We all become stronger mentally and physically from harmful experiences. That's what is so unique about Habbo Hotel, but sadly with so much restriction to the serivce and Moderators becoming more strict and unfriendly. This is yet another downfall to Habbo and making users quit overall. {mod edit}

  • AmanaAmana Moderator UncommonPosts: 3,912

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