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More fun on PvE server

SixfeetunderSixfeetunder Member UncommonPosts: 180

I play since launch on PvP server (doomsayer and Tyranny).

Yesterday... i have created char on the PvE Set server, me with 4 friends and we are more fun in the PvE.

No absurb ganking 3v1 or level 60 versus level 40...

Now we can go in instance ... grinding... level up in solo or group  relax and no frustration.

In PvE we are siege , mini game, pvp armor and pvp xp...all pvp system except  "" the Ganking"""

So i think for the best  experience of this game ... Try PvE server (for US  - Set)

Population : Set = Tyranny


  • OrionManOrionMan Member Posts: 423

    Depend on what you like. I have characters both PvE and PvP. None of them will transfer at all.

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